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Decisioning in real time? Done.

Deepen relationships and maximize value, every moment, everywhere.

Predict customer needs

Pega’s AI is always on, reading the billions of signals your customers generate and anticipating what they’ll need next.  

Personalize every interaction

As customers engage, Pega evaluates all your options in real time, then selects the next best action.

Deliver across channels

Think of our AI as a single brain that connects experiences across inbound, outbound, owned, and paid channels.

Key features of Pega Customer Decision Hub

Decision strategies

Get value faster with best-practice frameworks

With Pega’s Next-Best-Action Designer, you can configure and control all of your one-to-one decision strategies from a single interface – with best-practice guardrails built right in.

customer decision hub software with a next-best-action designer
Digital personalization

Hyper-personalize every digital touchpoint

Use Pega’s real-time containers to integrate next best actions and treatments directly into your online content, tailoring the experience for each customer, in real time.

customer decision hub software that personalizes digital touchpoints

Unleash AI. Jumpstart relevance. Boost conversion.

Hit performance goals, add context to the customer journey and trigger next-best-actions in real-time with AI-powered outbound marketing.  Whether your programs are always-on, segmented or trigger-driven, this dynamic approach will help you increase relevance, boost conversions and drive long-term loyalty.

customer decision hub software with ai
Agent-assisted channels

Empower agents with real-time recommendations

Pega’s Next-Best-Action Advisor gives agents contextual insights at the moment they need them, whether the conversation happens over the phone, in the store or branch, or via chat.

customer decision hub software that provides real-time recommendations
Paid media

Make paid advertising more targeted and effective

Pega’s Paid Media Manager integrates first-party data into platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, using AI to generate next-best-action audiences and optimize the offer mix and ad spend for each individual.

customer decision hub software with paid media manager
Generative AI

Generative AI

Use Generative AI to create and refine next-best-action treatments, test and validate high-value customer scenarios, analyze performance and get actionable recommendations.

In addition, the new Customer Decision Hub assistant helps you answer questions about processes or capabilities, and curate best-practice answers from available CDH knowledge stores.

How Pega helps you improve Making the best offer is all about reading signals. Pega monitors each customer's context in real time, and uses AI to determine when they're in market.

Amanda uses U+ Bank's mortgage calculator, indicating she's in the market to buy a home.

Character Image
It's all in the data Next
Once you've identified a need, you need to make the right offer. Pega calculates propensity scores for every action in real time, then recommends the next best action based on that customer's unique needs and its potential value to your business.What's the next best action?

Amanda is 64% likely to respond to a mortgage offer.

To seal the deal, personalization is key. Pega's Next Best Treatment lets you customize every aspect of the experience with perfectly tailored words, images, and layouts.Optimize the customer experience

A mortgage offer, tailored for her

By adding value during every interaction, your customers feel heard – and you earn the right to expand your relationship, while driving long-term loyalty. 

Presenting an autopay offer will perfectly complement Amanda's new mortgage.

Earn customer loyalty Next
All customers deserve a journey as personalized as Amanda's. Start delivering personalized offers – and increasing lifetime value – with Pega Customer Decision Hub™.Learn about the upsell and cross-sell Microjourney™
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The leader in customer engagement

Find out why Pega ranked #1 in The Forrester Wave, Real-time Interaction Management, Q1 2024.

Get the analyst report

Learn how 489% ROI is possible

Forrester examined the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of deploying the Pega Customer Decision Hub.

See the results

Client case studies

See how leading brands are putting Pega Customer Decision Hub™ to work.


Personalized conversations in real time, at scale

As one of the largest banks in the world, Wells Fargo engages with 70M customers five billion times per month.

T-mobile card

Case Study

T-Mobile Centers the customer experience with Next Best Action

See how the company achieved an 8-point increase in NPS with Pega Customer Decision Hub.

AirEuropa logo

Case Study

Air Europa: A commitment to customer centricity

Air Europa grew its loyalty program by personalizing customer interactions.

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When it comes to your customers, a single moment can mean everything. What if you could sense those all-important moments and meet their needs in real time?

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Download the Pega study, “Real-time decisioning, real results”, to learn how the market defines real-time decisioning.

Unleash the power of one-to-one engagement

Increase revenue, reduce churn, and maximize customer value with the Pega Customer Decision Hub™.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes - leveraging their unique context to engage in a more relevant way, build trust, and deepen that relationship.

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Organizations can increase customer lifetime value by putting short-term “sales-first” considerations on hold, when they aren’t right for the situation. Brands earn loyalty from customers by injecting service, retention, resilience, and nurture based actions into their engagement mix, instead of constantly selling.

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An example might be that a financial institution notices that a high-value customer has suddenly stopped paying their credit card bill, for example, a resilience action would proactively reach out to that customer and provide them with a personalized offer of reduced terms that should allow them to stay in good standing, if accepted. Or if a utility company notices non-payment from a long-term customer, they can provide information on government programs designed to help folks get back on track.

Pega collects data from every interaction as it's taking place, then combines that with the customer's full interaction history to determine their current situation.

Pega's next-best-action recommendations balance what's right for the customer with what's right for your business – all within the context of the current situation.

Pega leverages adaptive models to determine what treatment variation will resonate best with Amanda.

Pega's AI is always-on, constantly predicting what Amanda might need next based on signals observed on any channel. That way, her experience is always relevant.

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