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Enter the age of theAutonomous

Enter the age of theAutonomous

When you unify AI with automation, enterprise agility drives itself.



Cars, factories, and even grocery stores are making the shift to autonomous. Only Pega is uniquely architected to deliver on the autonomous promise for enterprises.



It's not a leap. It's a shift.

It's not a leap.

It's a shift.

The autonomous enterprise is a self-optimizing business that applies AI and automation to decisioning, operations, and servicing across the organization.

It's a shift in mindset, changing the way your people think about and approach technology. AI and people learn from and guide each other as your organization moves from manual work to full autonomy.



The journey to an autonomous enterprise

Human-led labor

where people make the vast majority of decisions, performing all functions


where tech handles routine while people take on non-routine actions for scale and efficiency


where tech provides the real-time insights people need to make decisions for relevance and speed


where tech drives agility autonomously while people focus on innovating to meet enterprise-wide objectives

Building a better future:
Operationalize agility with AI and automation

Since the advent of the internet, businesses have been in a state of rapid change. The next wave of technological progress we’re entering invites infinite possibilities for growth. Explore autonomous further in the HFS- and Pega-partnered research report.

HFS: Operationalize agility with AI and automation


Now is the time to unlock
human ingenuity and capacity

We're in a moment where there are more decisions than there is time to make them. The world is now moving at the speed of AI. Manual work, static decisioning, and unsatisfying band-aid solutions are holding back legacy enterprises. And meanwhile, innovations in tech – like generative AI – have fueled an acceleration of what's possible. How does any one person or organization keep up?

By operationalizing agility and focus. The autonomous enterprise brings together people and technology to deliver hyper-personalized engagement, seamless as-a-Service experiences, and new ways of helping people at scale – throughout the customer lifecycle. And with AI learning and driving continuous optimization, you're not just caught up. You're two steps ahead.



Align every function to your business strategy
with a unifying AI-powered engine


Real-time decisioning management happens across operations, service, and engagement with Pega's unifying AI-powered engine, which both guides and is guided by people. So every transaction across every function is empowered with strategically informed decisions in real time.

Every customer interaction is empathetic, personalized, and relevant.

Every team is optimized, with the right work intelligently assigned and prioritized across workflows.

Every decision and action drives customer lifetime value and revenue growth while lowering costs.

Align every function to your business strategy



Do more with less

Do more with less
with automation powered by AI


Execute workflows in seconds. Make decisions that unlock intelligent automation and hyper-personalization. AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation combine to understand and respond to individual customers in the moment.

Customer experience continually exceeds expectations for speed and personalization.

More work gets done, and faster, for increased productivity within existing headcount.

Teams can focus on the customer and higher value work.



Adapt instantly to change
by unlocking autonomous end-to-end


Automatically pivot in the face of changing customer needs, markets, and disruption to personalize the customer experience and eliminate friction. With Pega, decisions & workflows are continuously optimized by real-time, unified AI and process mining.

What that means for you:

Customer value is maximized as every interaction recalculates the next best action.

New innovations and solutions head to market quickly and drive value faster.

Effort and cost are continually reduced as more work gets automated.

Adapt instantly to change



Powered by the Pega Platform

Our enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation
platform helps you manage business complexity.

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