real time intelligence

Real-time intelligence

Never miss an opportunity to deliver superior service.

Today’s customers think and act in real time. You should, too. Detect context, determine the best course, then take timely and relevant action in seconds.

"When you make it more real-time, you make it more relevant. Customers expect us to know what they're thinking right now."

Act fast with split-second insights

Every second of every customer interaction, critical events happen and decisive moments emerge. That’s why you need to act in real time. Too much lag and you squander the opportunity to fix an experience, win over a new customer, or stop someone from leaving you forever.

With some solutions, “real time” means “soon.” That’s not fast enough. Pega connects to streaming data, tracks meaningful patterns, finds insights, and delivers the best prescriptive actions in less than one second.

How? We’ve built the industry’s leading real-time AI engine, integrated with the best digital automation tools you can buy, handling millions of interactions a day. Stop hoarding and batching data, and start doing what your customers expect – acting immediately and with relevance.

Real-time, Omnichannel AI

Optimize every customer interaction for both experience and value.



What’s Inside the Always-On Brain?

Aspire to win over difficult customers efficiently and effectively with a personalized approach and predictive intelligence.

Stay relevant with real-time AI

Customers often encounter irrelevant offers, salespeople lacking commercial insights, and slow, disorganized service experiences. Sounds nothing like your company, right? Think again.

More devices, sensors, and real-time data aren’t enough to solve the relevance problem. Pega’s real-time AI works like a single, unified brain that scans streaming cross-channel data and finds hidden opportunities. Our always-on brain instantly empowers front-line agents, salespeople, and customers with contextual insights, not just more data to sift through.

With Pega’s Customer Decision Hub delivering real-time intelligence, you’ll get one brain – not one per channel – that will deliver timely, relevant, and well-coordinated experiences. In other words, exactly what today’s customers demand.

Real-time intelligence for better relationships

Sense moments of need as they happen, then act in a way that thrills customers.
Pega Marketing

Evolve from batching and blasting to using real-time intelligence.

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Pega Sales

Identify new leads, generate new sales, and improve close probability.

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Pega Customer Service

Solve problems before customers feel pain.

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Pega Workforce Intelligence

Make real-time informed decisions.

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Customer Case Studies

"Now, we can see everything in real-time, and customer advocacy has improved by 180%."
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"We predict you’re going to call … and provide you with a resolution path before you need to actually contact us."
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"We know in real time, accurately, what’s happening. That way everyone can play their part coherently and consistently deliver a good service to the passenger."
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