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Real-time intelligence. Real results.

Pega’s proven AI already powers experiences for more than 1.5 billion (yes, billion) consumers worldwide. Find out how to put it to work for your business and your customers.

"We used Pega’s Adaptive Decisioning capability to build 250 models in one week… that would have taken my team of 25 data scientists more than 3 years using a traditional predictive modeling approach."

Andrew McMullan Chief Data & Analytics Officer, CBA

Act fast with split-second insights

Every second of every customer interaction, decisive moments emerge. That’s why you need to act in real time. Too much lag and you squander the opportunity to fix an experience, win over a new customer, or stop someone from leaving you forever.

With some solutions, “real time” means “soon.” That’s not fast enough. Pega connects to streaming data, tracks meaningful patterns, finds insights, and delivers the best prescriptive actions in less than one second.

How? We’ve built the industry’s leading real-time AI engine, integrated with the best digital automation tools you can buy, handling millions of interactions a day. Stop hoarding and batching data, and start doing what your customers expect: acting immediately and with relevance.

Engage instantly. Revolutionize customer relationships.

Watch this short video to learn more, then explore how Pega can help you engage with empathy.


How real-time AI drives customer lifetime value

Treating engagements as a series of one-off, one-time, interactions is setting yourself up for failure.

Stay connected. Stay relevant.

Irrelevant offers. Salespeople lacking commercial insights. A slow, disorganized service experience. Sounds nothing like your company, right? Think again.

The relevance problem is real, and you won’t solve it by adding more devices, sensors, and data. Pega’s real-time AI works like a single, always-on brain that scans streaming cross-channel data and finds hidden opportunities. It instantly alerts front-line agents, salespeople, and customers with contextual insights, not just more data to sift through.

With the Pega Customer Decision Hub delivering real-time intelligence, you’ll have the power to create timely, relevant, and well-coordinated experiences. In other words, exactly what today’s customers demand.

Responsible AI

Adopt enterprise-wide accountability principles of empathy, fairness, and transparency to maintain customer trust while supporting amazing business outcomes. 

Empathy means really getting to know them. Pega Value Finder informs empathetic engagement with tailored insights on which offers will resonate best with each customer.

Fighting the bias battle from within. Ethical Bias Check ensures fairness through constant program monitoring designed to avoid unintentional discrimination.

Transparency is all about trust. Every AI-driven decision should be easily explainable to the end-customer. Pega's T-Switch makes this clear and simple. 

Pega Discover Video

The new digital experience

Tune into digital transformation futurist Steven Van Belleghem’s thought leadership session.


Prepare for the future of work

See how senior leadership at organizations around the globe are integrating AI and robotics into the workforce.

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Help your employees help customers

AI doesn’t replace people; it simply makes them better at what you’ve hired them to do. Think of it as giving customer-facing teams “superpowers” to transform how they work – and how work gets done.

AI empowers your employees and systems to sense the customer’s intent during every interaction, and even to know the right thing to say or do. It guides them to take the next best action dynamically throughout the customer’s entire lifecycle.

Every second your employees waste on low-value tasks is another second your competitors are gaining on you. By using AI to automate repetitive tasks, you free up your people to perform higher-value work that benefits your bottom line.

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Real-time intelligence for better relationships

Sense moments of need as they happen, then act in a way that thrills customers.
Pega Customer Decision Hub

Real AI. Real results. In real time. Upgrade every customer interaction.

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Customer Decision Hub

Evolve from batching and blasting to using real-time intelligence.

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Real-time decisioning, real results

In this Pega study, learn what real-time decisioning is, how it’s defined by the market, and how early adopters are seeing massive success from it.

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Case Study

Wells Fargo personalizes Real-Time conversations with 70 Million customers

Pega helps us deliver personalized conversations at true enterprise scale – spotting patterns from billions of interactions so the customer gets the right message and the best experience.