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Real-time intelligence. Real results.

Pega’s proven AI already powers experiences for more than 1.5 billion (yes, billion) consumers worldwide. Find out how to put it to work for your business and your customers.

"We used Pega’s Adaptive Decisioning capability to build 250 models in one week… that would have taken my team of 25 data scientists more than 3 years using a traditional predictive modeling approach."

Act fast with split-second insights

Every second of every customer interaction, decisive moments emerge. That’s why you need to act in real time. Too much lag and you squander the opportunity to fix an experience, win over a new customer, or stop someone from leaving you forever.

With some solutions, “real time” means “soon.” That’s not fast enough. Even minutes or hours is too long for today’s customer as they interact with so many devices, channels and brand touchpoints. Pega connects to streaming data, tracks meaningful patterns, finds insights, then delivers hyper relevant next best actions in less than one second.

How? We’ve built the industry’s leading real-time AI engine, integrated with workflow automation tools that drive superior business value by handling millions of interactions a day. And because your customers move so quickly through the web, our self-learning AI can re-decision as their data signals and context changes. 

In this PegaWorld session, we’ll show how re-decisioning has become a cornerstone analytics capability for enterprises.

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Learn how an always-on brain can enable consistent, contextual, and personalized experiences.

Stay connected. Stay relevant.

The relevance problem is real, and you won’t solve it by adding more devices, data or applications to your engagement stack. Pega’s real-time AI works like a single, always-on brain that scans streaming cross-channel data and finds hidden opportunities. It instantly alerts front-line agents, salespeople, and customers with contextual insights, not just more data to sift through.

With the Pega Customer Decision Hub delivering real-time intelligence, you’ll have the power to create timely, relevant, and well-coordinated experiences. In other words, exactly what today’s customers demand.

Responsible AI

Consistently acting in the best interest of your customers results in more authentic, trustworthy connections that will benefit both your company and its customers. And when it comes to your customer’s data, trust is built with ethical AI. Build that trust by adopting enterprise-wide accountability principles of empathy, fairness, and transparency to maintain customer trust while supporting amazing business outcomes.

  • Empathy means delivering value to your customers in moments of need.  Pega Value Finder informs empathetic engagement with tailored insights on which actions will resonate most in each engagement, helps identify underserved customers and identify areas of improvement in your programs.
  • Fighting the bias battle from within protects customer relationships. Ethical Bias Check ensures fairness through constant program monitoring designed to avoid unintentional discrimination.
  • Transparency is all about trust. Every AI-driven decision should be easily explainable to the end-customer. Pega's T-Switch makes this clear and simple. 


In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can use AI to engage customers with empathy.

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Learn how to harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive incremental value for the organization.

Help your employees help customers

AI doesn’t replace people; it simply makes them better at what you’ve hired them to do. Think of it as giving customer-facing teams “superpowers” to transform how they work – and how work gets done. 

AI enables you to automate and optimize back-end processes at scale so that your employees can stop wasting cycles on low value tasks and delight your customers by solving real problems. It guides them to take the next best action dynamically throughout the customer’s entire lifecycle by sensing the customer’s intent during every interaction and advising them with data driven decisions.

Benefit your customer and your bottom line with true business agility. Because every second your employees waste on low-value tasks is another second your competitors are gaining on you.

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Real-time intelligence for better relationships

Sense moments of need as they happen, then act in a way that thrills customers.
Pega Customer Decision Hub

Power 1:1 experiences as unique as every customer.

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AI-powered Decisioning

Real-time intelligence for enterprise scale.

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Pega Generative AI

Boost productivity and creativity across your full customer journey.

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Case Study

Wells Fargo personalizes Real-Time conversations with 70 Million customers

Pega helps us deliver personalized conversations at true enterprise scale – spotting patterns from billions of interactions so the customer gets the right message and the best experience.
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