CRM Applications

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CRM Applications
Transform your customer engagement with CRM applications spanning the entire customer journey.
CRM Evolved
Pega CRM applications evolve to meet changing business needs while driving competitive advantages.

Marketing Software

Grow Loyalty and Revenue

Pega Marketing dynamically recommends the most relevant action and offer content, across channels, to optimize each customer’s lifetime value.

Sales Automation
Sales Automation Software

Accelerate and Improve Sales Results

Only Pega combines core Sales Force Automation capabilities with intelligent real-time guided selling, end to end sales process automation, mobile, and agile processes to help you sell more efficiently and effectively.

Customer Service
Customer Service Software

Engage Customers Everywhere

Pega Customer Service anticipates customer needs, connects customers to the right people and systems, and automates or intelligently guides each step of your interactions, so you can rapidly and continuously evolve your customer service experience.

Field Service
Field Service Software

Streamline the Service Experience

Pega Field Service modernizes and improves the service experience for mobile field workers and customers. This single application combines an industry-leading customer service dashboard with a fully functional mobile app that guides field workers through an efficient, successful service call.

Co-Browse Software

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Pega Co-Browse is an application that allows your employees to instantly view what a customer is seeing on your web site. In just one click, you can assist your customers as if you are looking over their shoulder with visual cues and within a secure environment.

Customer Decision Hub
Customer Intelligence Software

Optimize Customer Value in Real-Time

Maximize customer value by acting with relevance, consistency, and at the right time. Continually adapt your decisions using real-time contextual data and predictive intelligence, ensuring customer actions are always relevant and personal on every channel. Harness a single decision authority that unifies decisions for consistent experiences. Act with accuracy and speed while making value-added decisions.