Sprint revolutionizes the customer experience with Pega Retention

Sprint is a US tier one carrier serving almost 60 million customers. At the end of 2014 Sprint had the highest churn rate in their market and the lowest Net Promoter Score. Sprint had to make a significant change to improve retention and chose Pega to transform the customer experience.

Transform the Customer Experience for Communications & Media

The agents are more contextually aligned with what the customer is calling about – they’re more informed and providing the right solution – so that customer is having a better experience with us.

Jim Curran Vice President of Marketing, Sprint
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How will you stand out at a time of industry disruption? Proactive, relevant customer engagement. Consistent omni-channel service. Streamlined operations. Optimized acquisition, cross-sell, upsell and retention.

Pega helps CSPs achieve strategic advantage at key moments of the customer lifecycle.

Consumer Lifecycle Management
Increase customer lifetime value by being at the center of their digital lives. Personalize each interaction, and make the right offer at the right time to maximize customer satisfaction. Watch the video
Enterprise Lifecycle Management
Deliver an exceptional customer experience with an omni-channel solution that intelligently guides sales, automates and streamlines order fulfillment and beats the competition every time. Watch the video

Our Solutions

Acquire and retain more customers at higher lifetime values through targeted omni-channel conversations, efficient service and personalized offers.

Reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value with

Pega Marketing for Communications

Cut costs and improve the customer experience with

Pega Customer Service for Communications for B2C

Automate operations and improve the order-to-cash experience with

Pega Fulfillment Control Center for B2C

Improve sales, fulfillment and customer service by becoming more agile and client-centric without replacing all your existing IT systems.

Equip your sales team for success and get to market faster with

Pega Sales Automation

Increase sales with smarter configure, price, quote processes with

Pega CPQ for Communications

Cut costs and improve the customer experience with

Pega Customer Service for Communications for B2B

Automate operations and improve the order-to-cash experience with

Pega Fulfillment Control Center for B2B

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Sprint: A Customer Retention Strategy in 13 Weeks

Learn how Sprint is achieving its vision of transforming the customer care experience by building a retention strategy that uses a data-driven, next-best-action solution -- and then delivered it to care agents in just 13 weeks. By empowering agents to have real-time, contextual conversations with customers, Sprint has gained significant benefits.

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