We bring industry thought leadership, Pega product expertise, and a track record in successful project delivery to bear in every engagement.

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The secret to repeatable success

Pega Consulting is a world class organization that brings thought leadership and expertise to each and every implementation. Our ecosystem boasts over 15,000 certified Pega professionals worldwide, and our implementation best practices set us apart as industry leaders.

  • Our project leaders’ average tenure spans almost a decade, during which they have gained the expertise you can count on for consistent project execution.
  • Our consulting teams leverage an arsenal of best practices they’ve learned from implementing hundreds of enterprise applications every year.
  • Pega’s proven methodology and tools, such as Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO), accelerate the realization of business value and improve your overall project quality.
  • Our expert design patterns, sophisticated configurations, and ‘build for reuse’ strategy expedite solution delivery and ROI.
  • We build-in and measure your application’s quality using guardrails and alerts to ensure you receive a high-performing, optimized solution.

If you have not yet experienced the power of Pega 7, our team can help you upgrade from prior versions so you can take advantage of all that the Pega 7 platform has to offer. Our end-to-end Upgrade Service is a comprehensive solution from the assessment phase to go-live. Our team provides a compliance level upgrade of the core platform and enables a clean, fast and repeatable upgrade process. Included in this solution are a workshop and upgrade assessment that jumpstart your project.

  • The FastStart workshop takes a look at your upgrade objectives, runs a sample upgrade and recommends an upgrade strategy, sizing and implementation steps.
  • Our Upgrade Assessment involves hosting a copy of your application in the Pega upgrade lab where a team of experts upgrades a workflow and then passes on technical and planning considerations tailored to your application.


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The perfect complement to your delivery team

It is critical that your delivery teams are staffed with certified, experienced resources that provide oversight and guidance, thought leadership, mentoring, and domain expertise. That being said, you might not have all the necessary skill sets in-house, especially if you’re new to the Pega Platform. Senior Pega and Partner resources compliment delivery teams who are not yet fully enabled or require expert services in a specific functional area. We stress coproduction as the best method for maximizing your investment in our technology and ensuring continued success.

  • Pega and Partner resources bring with them the latest advances in Pega methodology, tools, and product features
  • Your team’s enablement is accelerated by on-the-job mentoring and coaching
  • Pega and Partner resources introduce best practices that transfer to future implementations
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The best choice for targeted assessments and recommendations

Methodology alignment workshop. Our experts facilitate in-depth discussions around your current methodology and its challenges and walk you through Pega’s best practices. Together, you’ll create an optimal hybrid methodology that is geared for successful, iterative implementations.

Design review. Conducting a thorough evaluation early in a project ensures the least cost and risk to discover and correct any issues around system performance, responsiveness, quality, extensibility, scalability, maintainability, and security.

Usability review. We evaluate the user experience and interface of your applications on all devices to provide recommendations specifically for your enterprise strategy. Beyond just the "look and feel" of design, we identify information architecture issues, business process gaps, data design requirements, and detailed design problems.

Mini inception. A small team of experts captures and examines your business objectives and requirements to create a rapid and accurate assessment of costs, resources, business outcomes, and delivery timeframe. The results are minimized execution risk and greater certainty on requirements and scope.

Performance health check. This audit rapidly diagnoses, evaluates, and addresses performance and scale issues that affect Pega implementations – followed up by practical advice and remediation recommendations.

Center of Excellence accelerator. Collapse the time it takes to establish a Center of Excellence to 4-6 weeks (versus up to 6 months) to efficiently establish your vision and strategy, develop architecture and project implementation, and capture and share knowledge and best practices.

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The fastest path to results

The Pega Rapid Return Service delivers a first production release with tangible functionality in just 8 weeks. We help clients determine where to start, focusing on high value requirements, and provide a successful foundation for rest of the project through reusable design patterns, integration standards and an initial data model that can be extended to support large scale enterprise uses. Key benefits include:

  • Quick first production release provides real business value and establishes a successful foundation for rest of the project
  • Co-production of the solution, involving the customer’s business and IT resources working alongside Pega Consulting, encourages enablement while establishing go-forward best practices
  • Prioritized release functionality, active governance and predictable fixed price controls project risk
  • Leveraging an agile delivery model, including the use of Pega’s Direct Capture of Objectives capabilities, establishes an ideal rhythm of delivery and fast time to value
  • Robust Pega 7 Platform extends and scales initial release to enrich the capabilities and yield additional value

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