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June 3-6, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

PegaWorld 2018

Discover why 4,500 global leaders plan to join us next June in Las Vegas to gain the tools, connections, and knowledge to make an immediate business impact like no other event can!

Hands-on Training

Designed for Success

Set your team up for success with hands-on training courses offered at PegaWorld. Led by Pega certified instructors, these courses will give you the tools you need to tackle your most challenging projects.

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PegaWorld 2017 On-Demand

Why did PegaWorld 2017 create so much buzz? After you check out PegaWorld On-Demand, featuring over 100 customer speakers who share insights on AI, robotics, DevOps and everything in between, you’ll see why our attendees left feeling Future Empowered!

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