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Personalized customer service across every journey

The most agile software built for friction-free experiences

Boost agent productivity

Your agents are integral to your success. Keep your team connected, effective, and productive wherever they are.

Be there for your customers

Your customers want to feel taken care of. Provide them with proactive, personalized, and frictionless experiences across any channel.

Drive down cost-to-serve

These days, you need to do it all. Minimize costs and get the most out of your channels with intelligent automation and case management.

Key features of Pega Customer Service

Workflow Automation

Remove silos with automated case management

Connect and automate work across people and systems to resolve customer inquiries faster. Pega’s AI-powered case management adapts to customer service requests. Pre-defined microjourneys built on industry best practices are templates to get started quickly. Efficient service delivery across every interaction to minimize your team’s cost-to-serve while managing increased contact volume.

customer service solutions with automated case management
AI-Powered Service

Smarter, faster service for happier customers and agents

Your customers and agents want AI tools that quickly solve problems with self-service and assisted service, and guide agents through their interactions to accelerate outcomes. With Pega, AI is infused and activated around your customer journey without being trapped in disparate channels, so you can deliver personalized, proactive customer service wherever it takes place.

customer service solutions with ai-powered service
Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Meet your co-pilots that help you deliver elevated experiences with AI tools that guide your intelligent chatbots and live agents. Conversational AI understands, responds to, and learns from customer interactions in self-service and agent-assisted channels. Voice and Messaging AI listen to conversations and suggest actions, so agents fully focus on the customer, not the process.

customer service solutions with conversational ai
Digital self-service

Enhance your self-service capabilities for 24/7 support

Your customers need you. But they don’t always need a live agent. Pega’s contextual self-service uses NLP, knowledge management, and intelligent chatbots to deliver seamless experiences, driven by customer history and case information. This results in faster time to resolution and improved containment rates.

customer service solutions with digital self-service
Chat & Messaging

Simplify customer service messaging

Deliver frictionless experiences over all the top consumer-preferred digital channels, including chat, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, and SMS. Meet your customers wherever they are and dazzle them with speedy, consistent, personalized service.

customer service solutions that simplifies messaging

Transform service without replacing your desktop

Replace your desktop without disruption

Not getting enough out of your desktop? Transform your customer service ecosystem from end to end with a best-in-class desktop that boosts agent productivity and streamlines the customer experience.

Supercharge your existing desktop with Pega

Don’t want to rip and replace? No problem. Automate and orchestrate customer service with AI-powered tools and out-of-the-box case management, without replacing your existing desktop.

How Pega helps you resolveTelco

Data limit almost exceeded.  Roaming activated.

You are about to reach your monthly data limit...               

To avoid costly calls to your service center (and keeping customers happy), you need to stay one step ahead. That's why Pega's real-time monitoring and pattern detection lets you sense a potential billing issue, then send your customer a proactive notification.It's not mind-reading. It's signals. CTA Text I'm a link Next 

Why is my bill so high? Let me check...             

Customer billing view
If the billing issue is due to new fees and charges, the customer can log in and easily see what's changed, thanks to Pega's customer self-service viewNext 

Customer is 79% likely to call about their bill... 

Offer to waive late fee               

Use Pega's AI-powered propensity modeling to determine when to present the offer that gives your customer resolution he needswithout having to call your service center.See call deflection in actionNext 

Why is my bill so high?

You have a data roaming charge and a late fee. Would you like me to waive the late fee?

Agent's view of changes 
If a customer does pick up the phone, your agents will be ready. Pega provides a detailed view of charges over time, and guides agents with scripts. That way they can focus on the interaction with the customer instead of making calculations.Next 

Thanks so much for waiving my late fee!

Thanks for being a valued customer!        

When your customers' billing issues are resolved quickly, you see results. Think higher customer satisfaction, fewer calls, and lower average handle time (AHT). Find out how Cisco cut AHT in halfNext 
Proactive customer service. Streamlined billing inquiries. Start delivering all of this and more with Pega Customer Service. Learn about the Billing Inquiry Microjourney™Learn more about intelligent guidance

Activate your account now. It should take about 10 minutes. 

I can do this on my phone? Great!               

Want to make a great first impression (and avoid calls to your service center)? Use Pega’s self-service guided internet setup to make customers’ experience easy and frictionless. Mobile-first experienceNext 

Ok, how do I get started?

Visual instructions
Step-by step visual instructions help your customer get set up successfully. Troubleshooting tips allow her to easily navigate challenges along the way. Next 

OK, I'll take a picture of my modem.

Great, we've got your serial number               

The customer can take photos of her equipment, and Pega’s optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) work in the background to identify serial numbers and IDs. How this worksNext 

My internet is working!

Great! We're here if you need anything.               

It all adds up to seamless self-service, higher customer satisfaction, and fewer calls.Find out how TalkTalk enables customer self-serviceNext 
Proactive customer service. Flawless digital experiences. Start delivering all of this and more with Pega Customer Service. Learn about the Guided Internet Setup Microjourney™Learn more about Pega's NLP capabilities
Gartner CRM CEC MQ 2021 quadrant image

A leader in customer service

Learn why Gartner has named Pega as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center for 12 consecutive years.

Client Success Story


Cisco partnered with Pega to digitize its customer service function - and eliminated 4 million hours of customer wait time.

OCR technology converts images into text, while Pega's NLP works to understand which text strings are serial numbers and IDs.

Pega enables businesses to detect patterns among various customer signals, in order to predict who is likely to call with a billing inquiry.

Customer can see what's changed this month on their dashboard.

Agent can see the reason of bill increasing on the detail page.

OCR technology converts images into text, while Pega's NLP works to understand which text strings are serial numbers and IDs.