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Optimize advertising with Pega Paid Media Manager

It’s an exciting time to be an advertiser. While the elimination of third-party cookies by Google at the end of 2021 may seem like the end of the world, market leaders are seizing this unique opportunity to rethink, rearchitect, and rebuild their digital advertising strategy from the ground up.

Instead of trying to find a like-for-like replacement for the third-party intelligence provided by existing tools like Data Mangement Platforms (DMPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) – what if there was a new, better way?

What if you could use all the proprietary customer data and intelligence you already have inside your firewall to deliver hyper-personalized experiences on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more? And, what if you could use that same information to optimize bids, control costs, and drive more conversions? That would be powerful.

Pega Paid Media Manager lets you utilize first-party data from your owned channels to automatically power experiences on paid channels. In doing so, you’ll reduce waste, increase return on advertising spend (ROAS), and deliver massive performance lift across the board – from acquisition to upsell and cross-sell to retention and beyond.


Integrate next best action into paid advertising

For years, marketers have worked with Pega to help them use their rich, first-party data and intelligence (customer interaction history, real-time data streams, etc.) across their owned channels to optimize the experience of every customer.

With Pega Paid Media Manager, you can finally connect all your existing strategies, data, and analytics into your digital advertising programs in real time – reducing the burden on your team and keeping paid channels aligned with your owned channels.

Pega’s direct integrations let you automatically map customers to next-best-action audiences in each paid platform. Whenever their context changes, Pega rescores their profile and moves them into new audiences in real time, based on what’s best for their current situation. That way your customers always see relevant ads – and you optimize your bidding.

In addition to improving the experience for known customers, you can use that same first-party intelligence to optimize the experience for prospects – using the proprietary data from your best customers to identify, target, and win your next best customer.

Optimize digital advertising for omnichannel conversions

Anytime a customer accepts an offer, on any channel, Pega Paid Media Manager communicates that back to the ad platform. The platform uses that data to update its audiences accordingly, based on which ads led to which conversions, for which types of customers. That way, you optimize your strategies for actual conversions, rather than intermediary clicks and impressions.

Eliminate wasteful ad spend

It doesn’t benefit anyone to leak budget on low-value targets that have a low propensity, already own the product, or previously declined the offer. With the Negative Audiences feature in Pega Paid Media Manager, you’ll suppress offers for these groups so you can refocus budget on real, high-value prospects.

Screenshot of Negative Audience feature in Pega Paid Media Manager

Acquire your next best customer

Instead of relying on preconceived notions about what a “good prospect” looks like, Pega Paid Media Manager uses AI to generate lookalike audiences based on the shared characteristics of your best customers – so you can easily acquire new prospects and grow your business.

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