Pega for Government

Pega for Government

Modernize your organization and transform the constituent experience.

Personalized, Omni-Channel Service

Get it right the first time

It’s not always easy to uphold the law and keep constituents happy. But with the right technology, you can make complex rules and regulations feel simple and accessible. Imagine anticipating what your constituents need and giving them proactive step-by-step guidance, or creating self-service tools that are clear and confusion-free.

Pega gives you the power to connect seamlessly with the people and businesses you serve. Online. In an app. On the phone. On live chat. On new channels that don’t even exist yet. Our next-gen service application goes beyond a 360-degree view to deliver AI-driven insights that can be applied in the moment on any channel. Our unified automation engine streamlines and simplifies every interaction – think more retailer, less red tape.

Your mission is to make sure bad things don’t happen. With personalized, end-to-end service, you can achieve it every time.

U.S. Census Bureau is innovating for a mobile workforce

U.S. Census Bureau is innovating for a mobile workforce

Read how both individual respondents and door-to-door census enumerators will be able to enter census questionnaire responses using mobile devices.

Agile, model-driven, no code.

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A unified digital government

With the expansion of digital technology, government organizations are challenged with responding to a new and more demanding constituent.

Automate Investigation Lifecycles

Streamlined. Smart. Compliant.

Rules and regulations may change, but the basics of investigation don’t. Whether your field team is in the middle of a rural area or in the central hub of government, they need powerful tools are needed for a complete, accurate, and thorough analysis.

Meanwhile, you need fast and flexible geospatial integration so your investigators can capture information anytime, anyplace. The agility to stay compliant in a time of legislative change is also crucial. In other words, you need a fully integrated application that visualizes every step of the investigation lifecycle.

Pega’s solution can do all of this and more. A smart data layer pulls information together, rules and analytics recommend actions and enforce guidelines, and a unified engine harnesses powerful end-to-end automation. Plus, everything in Pega is audited, so you keep a clear record of how your investigatory team ties all the pieces together.

Achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence

Automate without breaking what works

Piles of paperwork. Multiple systems and mainframes. Internal silos. There are a lot of obstacles standing between you and real digital transformation – but getting there isn’t impossible. You just need to think end to end.

According to McKinsey, the best automation strategies start by “taking an end-to-end view of the outcome needed,” and applying the right automation technology to the right problem. Sounds like something your agency could work with, right?

Pega is the industry’s only unified digital process automation platform, with robotics, process automation, and case management together in a single architecture. We build in powerful decision analytics, so you’ve got everything you need to automate any process and keep the good systems that your agency uses to serve constituents. By connecting your front and back office in one unified system, you’ll get the outcomes you want with the speed and accuracy you need.

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Governments building for change


Governments building for change

Government leaders are taking a closer look at their technology and processes. Learn how governments around the world are leading the way to build for change.

Modernize and transform the constituent experience

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