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Customer Empathy Advisor

AI is already seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Right now, it’s working quietly behind the scenes, adding intelligence to all forms of customer engagement – from marketing to sales to service. But despite our best intentions, AI is rarely used to its full potential. 

Instead, it’s tasked with doing the same things we’ve always done – but faster. Sending out more sales offers. Doing more product pushing. And creating more (and more) spam.

Customers have seen it all before. So naturally, they tune us out. Our best efforts get lost. At the end of the day, all we’re really doing is failing customers, only faster and more often.

AI’s missing ingredient: empathy

In an economy where every company appears similar and it’s hard to tell products apart, understanding customer needs becomes critical. To differentiate our value, we need to apply empathy. 

For organizations, this means listening to what customers are telling us and responding based on what they actually need instead of what we want to sell them. Product-centric engagement is the exact opposite of empathy – and it’s killing our relationships.

It’s about more than selling

Customers need us to provide value in new ways – to read digital signals, analyze context, and take more relevant actions. 

Today’s engagement is about more than selling. It’s about retaining, servicing, and nurturing customers. It’s our job to proactively add value to every interaction.

To do this, we need to be able to react in real time, triggering a full roster of empathetic actions that go above and beyond typical sales offers. These empathetic actions should include:

  • Retention plays that give customers great reasons not to churn
  • Rewards notifications when customers are close to achieving new levels
  • Service nudges to steer customers away from common problems
  • Proactive alerts to notify customers about relevant events
  • Educational outreach to bring customers up-to-speed on coverage and benefits
  • Recognition programs to celebrate key moments in customers’ lives
  • Channel preferences to ensure you’re interacting with customers where they’re most comfortable

Enter the Pega Customer Empathy Advisor

Embedded in the Pega Customer Decision Hub™, the Customer Empathy Advisor enables organizations to operationalize empathy at scale. How? Simple: by suggesting next best actions that will mutually benefit customers and companies. The Customer Empathy Advisor provides companies with a framework for integrating empathetic considerations into every engagement while also examining possible effects. Companies can rely on the advisor to:

  • Calculate current empathy levels
  • Showcase gaps between customer-centric vs. product-centric engagement
  • Identify actions that could be perceived as indifferent or unfeeling
  • Highlight empathetic actions to take more often
  • Provide controls that automatically optimize empathy levels

With the Customer Empathy Advisor, you can control how you apply empathy across your organization – through all of your connected channels – ensuring you’re consistently focused on building sustainable lifetime customer value.

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