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Pega Catalyst

A design thinking approach to jumpstart innovation

Pega Catalyst™ empowers you to create effective business applications in as little as a few days – while setting the stage for long-term transformation.

"We’re able to accelerate at least getting that first version out, and we can do it very quickly. It’s a very visual and collaborative process."

Identify the opportunity

Looking to fuel digital transformation across your enterprise, but not sure where to begin? A Pega Catalyst work session can help you find success one journey at a time.

Our approach starts with a structured design thinking workshop, scalable from two days to a few weeks, that brings together business and IT leaders from your enterprise. Working side by side, we’ll identify key challenges and define the right problem to solve and the right customer journey to tackle first.

Power your digital transformation
Rapid implementation. Total control.

Roadmap your digital transformation journey and pave the way for rapid deployment.


Pega UX Design System

Design for impact

Use Pega's complete design language, innovative authoring tools, and UI framework to create beautiful and contextual experiences.

Design the solution

Next, we apply Pega’s proven design approaches and rich set of industry solutions to help you plan out the end-to-end processes that make customers happier and your business more efficient.

More than just ideas on paper, you’ll come away with a practical understanding of how technologies like AI and robotic automation can benefit your business today transform how you work tomorrow.

How Pega Technology sets the standard

Build the experience

Once you design the journey, Pega’s no-code platform gets you to business applications fast. Using visual tools, business and IT leaders collaborate to rapidly prototype, iterate, and improve the final deliverable. You’ll leave your Pega Catalyst session with a demonstrable app that delivers improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Deliver engaging customer experiences
About Pega

Case Study

Accelerating the AI journey

The Pega Catalyst™ Group led an AI transformation at the client by guiding them through the Pega Catalyst™ engagement methodology over 90 calendar days.

Rapid Delivery

After you jumpstart your vision, get to real results fast with a delivery approach that has speed and reliability at its core.