Sales Process Management

Build lasting customer relationships with superior sales process management.

Sales process management is increasingly complex in an omni-channel business environment. For many organizations, it is a cumbersome task full of manual processes and with spreadsheets, reports and forecasts that are created by hand. The average sales automation technology isn't much help – too often sales automation software solutions are disconnected from channels and enterprise systems and do little more than capture data.

Pega can help. Pega Sales Automation simplifies and streamlines sales process management with real-time analytics and business process management capabilities to automate the sales cycle, resulting in more sales, improved effectiveness and better customer relationships.


CRM Evolved

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Pega Sales Automation vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud

With products, pricing, regulations, channels, and competition changing at a breakneck pace, it’s time to reevaluate how your sales automation system is supporting—or slowing down—your business.

Sales process management with Pega

Pega provides leading companies with strategic applications for omni-channel marketing, sales, service and operations.

Deployed in the cloud or on premise, Pega Sales Automation transforms sales process management with tools to automatically anticipate customer needs, move work to the right people and manage the sales process in a way that creates predictable growth. The ability to easily adapt and specialize user interfaces, functions and screen flows helps to make the sales process more efficient, while real-time analytics and intelligence sales stage guidance help to build lasting customer relationships. With Pega, you can make your sales process a point of competitive differentiation, manage complex go-to-market processes and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Capabilities for sales process management

Features of Pega's solution include:

  • Automation. Pega accelerates the sales cycle by automating all aspects of sales process management from prospecting and lead assignment to onboarding and fulfillment. Leads and opportunities are intelligently routed and handled by the right personnel with minimal manual intervention.
  • Intelligent guidance. Pega uses business rules and predictive modeling to automatically recommend the next best action or offer to make and guide sales reps through the sales cycle, helping to increase effectiveness.
  • Omni-channel communications. Pega can be deployed on any browser, tablet or smart phone, enabling sales teams to collaborate with each other more easily and communicate with customers more effectively.
  • Real-time reporting. Pega provides a real-time view into the pipeline and forecasts through personalized dashboards and reports across individuals, territories and channel sales teams.
  • Fast deployment. Configurable models and built-in adapters reduce the implementation time and cut risk. Pega integrates easily with legacy systems and implements in short iterative cycles, capturing objectives with minimal coding.

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