Sales Automation

360 Degree Account Management

Everything in one place

Pega Sales Automation provides an accurate and trusted profile of company and contact information that is easily accessible and complete with relevant and actionable data. These views are dynamically created from Sales Automation data as well as from multiple enterprise sources. Depending on role, users can update information.

Deep customer insights

All contacts have their own profile page, which includes all relevant data about them that can be leveraged for a numbers of reasons, including, but not limited to, contact information, social profiles, meeting and email correspondence, follow-up activities, understanding a person’s role in the company, and the next best offers and actions for the contact.

Smooth handoffs between sales, marketing, and service teams

Pega Marketing and Pega Customer Services applications are unified with Pega Sales Automation which means there is visibility and collaboration between departments around a prospect, an account or a set of accounts.