Business Rules Engine

A Business Rules Engine as Dynamic as Your Business

A business rules engine separates business logic from your mission-critical applications in order to gain agility and improve operational performance. To get the most benefit from this application architecture, you need a business rules engine that:

  • Empowers business users to create and manage business rules with minimal involvement from IT staff.
  • Supports sophisticated, powerful rules that can capture your business workflow and your policies and procedures in all their dynamic complexity.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing IT assets and scales for enterprise-class performance.


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2016 Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS)

For the 11th year running, Pega is recognized as a leader in the market for iBPMS.

Pegasystems is the acknowledged leader in enterprise business rules and business process management solutions. Founded nearly three decades by a pioneer of computerized chess play, Pegasystems has long been an innovator in business rules logic and automated decisioning. Today our rules-based business process solutions are used in eight of the top ten global banks, seven of the top ten insurance companies, and four of the top five health insurance payers.

For dynamic enterprises striving for greater operational efficiency and effectiveness, we offer our business rules engine either as part of a stand-alone business rules platform, or as a core element in our industry-leading business process management platform.


Pegasystems’ business rules engine puts business users firmly in charge of creating and managing business rules, for maximum agility. Usability features include:

  • Intuitive HTML rule forms to easily configure and manage business rules.
  • An MS Visio graphical front-end to link rules with applications.
  • Built-in review and approval processes.
  • A version-controlled rules inventory that supports the efficient reuse of existing rules.
  • A secure audit trail for all rules changes.
  • Automatic documentation generation.


The Pega business rules engine is unmatched in its support for a wide range of rule types, including:

  • Process rules that automate workflow management.
  • Decisioning rules of all types, including decision tables, decision trees, and decision maps.
  • Declarative rules that compute values based on detected changes in other related values.
  • Transformation rules that appropriately transform data as it passes across heterogeneous systems.
  • Integration rules that determine the right system to invoke in each situation.


With the Pega business rules engine, distributed application nodes can share a common rules database, for optimum scalability. The system employs an open Java and XML architecture, and runs on any major operating system, in conjunction with any major application server. Some of the largest corporations in the world run enterprise-scale business transformation programs that utilize the Pega business rules engine.

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