Sales Automation

Lead and Opportunity Management

Systematically manage your lead funnel

Manage leads from initial capture and routing, through the qualification process, and ultimately though conversion to an opportunity.

Leads can be sourced via bulk import, Web forms, campaigns, or manual entry and dashboards offer insight into lead conversion rates and where leads fall out of the qualification process.

And Pega Sales Automation supports a hybrid lead management model meaning in one instance you can create and assign leads to individuals or businesses, which is needed when sales channels might be a mix of B2B and B2C.

lead management software

View and analyze opportunities

Managers and reps can analyze their pipeline by stage, understand their competitors, and see all recent activity for their deals.

Opportunity dashboards give sales organizations insight into the current pipeline, pipeline trends, win/loss analysis, and where deals fall out of the sales process.

sales opportunity management software

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Sales Automation
Customer Engagement