Sales Automation for Financial Services

Build relationships, guide advisors, and grow revenues with
Sales Automation for Financial Services
Sales Automation for Financial Services


Deepen relationships by matching banking offers to customer needs. Empowering agents with guided processes and contextual, actionable insights driven by AI leads to revenue growth.

Unified CRM

Pega’s CRM solution unifies marketing, sales, and customer service. A connected customer journey allows agents to focus on customers and establish trust.


Respond swiftly to regulatory and market change. With an agile, model-driven platform, banks can incorporate best practices and re-use components to reduce cost and decrease time to market.

Improve Relationship Banking

Align suitable products and services with customers’ needs using AI-driven predictive analytics. Pega’s system empowers agents with top offers that drive revenues, as well as the insights they need to provide customer-focused responses and financial advice.
Guide Selling With

Personalized Sales Processes

Ensure all agents and trusted advisors maximize their capabilities with automated, intelligently guided next best actions. Our system blends predictive analytics, knowledge management, and customizable process flows to quickly change sales methodologies to align with priorities and meet compliance needs.
Eliminate Silos With

A Unified CRM Suite

Present “one bank” to the customer by connecting marketing, sales, onboarding, and customer service through their entire journey. When a customer’s accounts, transactions, and banking activities are all in one place, everyone can focus on what matters: customer trust.
Engage Anytime With

Mobile Enabled Banking

Collaborate with clients in a branch or on-site using the Banker’s Tablet™. Use our iOS or Android application for mobile access to scheduling, notes, and opportunity details.
Satisfy Regulators With

Fully Compliant Audit Trails

Whether coaching sales staff or filling customers’ product, account, or service needs, banks need to ensure every move satisfies regulators. Through guided processes and a full audit trail, Pega’s system helps banks with all their compliance needs.
Create multiple territory models and associated permissions for direct and channel sales teams.
Have a complete view of customer/agent activity history, communications, and internal discussions.
Track leads and opportunities from creation to close, and manage sale stage requirements.
Automatically trigger reminders, tasks, and activities for approvals, onboarding steps, and more.
Share files, discuss them, and push content in real time based on sales situation.
Tap into client/prospect on- and off-line activities with Pega Marketing and Pega Customer Service.