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“We're able to predict that you're going to call…to provide you a resolution path before you need to actually contact us.”

Eddie Batlle Customer Engagement Principal Architect - OCIO

Unified digital messaging

Customers want to communicate with you via all kinds of digital channels. Meet them where they are and engage seamlessly in a powerful, unified agent desktop. With the acquisition of leading digital messaging platform provider In the Chat, Pega empowers you to be more flexible and future-proof than ever.

Real-time omni-channel AI

Engage customers across channels and devices without losing the context of your conversation. Pega Customer Service™ includes real-time omni-channel AI that extends across phone, web, mobile, chat, email, and much more, creating truly seamless experiences.

AI-guided interactions

What if every customer service agent could be as good as your top performers? Pega’s AI-augmented agent automates tasks and learns from your best agents’ behavior, then guides chat agents with next-best-action recommendations – so you engage intelligently every time.

Dynamic case management

Pega helps you keep your promise to your customers, connecting all the people, contact center systems, and other enterprise processes required to resolve each customer inquiry. It tracks related information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, and connects front- and back-office activity for end-to-end resolution.

Robotic desktop automation:
A personal robot for every agent

Rapidly optimize the way your employees work. Simplify, automate, and integrate technologies and processes on the desktop that enable them to get more work done faster.


Contextual digital self-service

Make your website and mobile experiences more effective – and get fewer calls from frustrated customers – by infusing context into your digital experience. Pega Self-Service Advisor uses real-time insights to give browsers the information they need, fast; it can even generate personalized offers for optimal engagement.

Additional Product Features

Pega’s unified customer contact center interface is beautiful to work with, yet powerful enough to support the customer service complexities of large organizations.

Two or more parties can securely share the same webpage with just a single click.

Enables office and field operations to manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle, from first phone call to request close.

Ensure that your customer service application communicates with your telephony systems for a seamless customer experience.

Pega recommends relevant, timely information based on the current customer interaction. It manages the complete lifecycle of content from creation to publication.

Bring the intelligence of our Case Management directly to the customer touchpoint, instead of hard-coding logic into each channel independently.

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"The thing I like about Pega is the integrated platform and all of the capabilities we have there. We’ve not found a limit to how far Pega can take us."

Steve Power Senior Director, Order Management Services, Cisco

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