BPM & Case Management

Build better customer-centric apps with
BPM & Case Management


Use visual tools to quickly build an executable model of the enterprise application that your business requires, then elaborate on the details in a unified model-driven platform


Communicate with legacy systems using configurable connectors (e.g. SAP, Salesforce), open, standards-based protocols (like SOAP, REST), and the open Pega API. You can also embed Pega in your existing apps through Pega Mashup.


Standardize business processes across your global enterprise while providing for governed variations to optimize your business applications in each business unit, geography, and legal jurisdiction.
Orchestrate Work from Start to Finish with

The Recognized Leader in Case Management

The Pega 7 Platform’s Case Management helps you quickly build business applications that deliver the outcomes and end-to-end experiences your customers demand.
Automate Business Processes with

The Leading BPM Software

Pega 7 BPM streamlines operations to reduce costs and improve business agility. Analysts recognize Pega as the most comprehensive BPM suite to combine RPA and BPM in a single, unified platform.
 Build and Modify Apps with

Visual App Development

Pega enables business stakeholders to accelerate enterprise app development through visual tools (no coding), support for business/IT collaboration, and continuous improvement by allowing user modifications to running apps in a controlled way.

Providing Visibility Across Business Silos

As work passes from one business silo to the next, Pega preserves the context of each piece of work throughout the entire work lifecycle. This helps large organizations integrate, automate, and improve their complex front- and back-office business operations.
Reduce Compliance Risk with

Orchestrated Regulatory Compliance

Pega helps orchestrate complex processes, ensuring that regulatory compliance is maintained across the enterprise. Pega apps are self-documenting, and an audit trail is maintained of all activities with each case so compliance risk is minimized and required reporting is streamlined and automated.

Additional Product Features

A core capability within Pega’s industry leading BPM platform, Pega RPA allows enterprises the flexibility to optimize how work gets done in the enterprise by orchestrating workflows, done by humans or robots, from a central platform.
Pegasystems and DocuSign have announced a technology partnership enabling enterprises to integrate DocuSign's digital signature capabilities within Pega's CRM applications and the Pega 7 Platform.
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