Robotic Automation Robotic Automation

Robotic process automation done right

Robotics Simplified

Work smarter and faster with
Pega Robotic Desktop Automation

Pega’s patented attended automation optimizes the way your employees work – improving speed, efficiency, and precision so they can spend less time on manual tasks and more time focusing on customers.

Pega Robotic Automation: Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA

Automate the mundane with
Pega Robotic Process Automation

Bogged down by repetitive work? Pega can help. Our tireless unattended bots accelerate automation of high-volume, repetitive tasks, bridging system and data integration gaps at scale.

Pega Robotic Automation: Make data informed decisions with Workforce Intelligence

Seize opportunities with
Pega Workforce Intelligence

Strategic automation starts with the right data. The Opportunity Finder feature of Pega Workforce Intelligence™ uses machine learning to identify where and when to automate for maximum impact.

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The Future of Work

69% of senior executives surveyed expect the workforce to eventually encapsulate both human employees and bots. How can businesses prepare for these transformational changes?

Customer Case Studies

See how customers are using Pega Robotic Automation to transform their enterprises.

Radial optimizes its contact centers

"[A] process that took us two and a half to three minutes previously was automated to 30 seconds and below."

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Case Study

Link Market Services optimizes employee efficiency

"By understanding our business much better, we were able to target the implementation of automations that hit our customer needs, our employee needs, and gave us the biggest wins."

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Case Study

Telecom Customer Care Center saves $18 million

"With robotic automation, we realized significant annual savings, reduced average handle time and minimized training requirements for our CSRs."

See how Pega can help your business