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Case Study

Tokio Marine: The Challenge of Digital Reform - Outgrowing the Need for Paper and Excel, Facilitating Efficient and Higher Quality Business

"By systemizing tasks that were once conducted through manual labor and the paper medium, we were able to centralize data management, share solutions, and manage connecting work processes. From Pega's code-less features we could make corrections across departments. We could make corrections and confirmations depending on the situation, which made efficient development possible."

– Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.


  • Visualized, standardization and streamlined business processes
  • Triple efficiency comparing with traditional Java development
  • Reuse and operation of multiple applications on one platform

The Business Issue

  • Promote paperless operations and expanding the range of shared information
  • Increase business quality and efficiency
  • Remove the need for individual process management
  • Develop systems and introduce insourcing

Tokio Marine & Nichido's company philosophy is to provide safety and security in order to contribute to economic growth of an affluent and comfortable society. They support every customer and company in the "now". They aim "To Be a Good Company" that stakeholders trust and decided to take on a revolutionary challenge in order to react quickly to changes in the world.

In order to resolve issue they decided to use Pega, a platform that promotes agile development of guides to effectively define business rules based on modelling, build UI and processes. Pega prides itself of agile software development without the need to code.

The Solution

Pega was efficiently implemented to standardize operations across departments. Being dependent upon paper and Excel limited their procedure standardization, understanding of progress statuses, and recording of customer information and understanding their needs. These issues made it difficult to implement changes, to grasp the work process and reduce rework, as well as to streamline systems and reduce work time.

By using Pega for tasks that previously required paper or Excel, information became easily sharable and processes became manageable.

The Results

By defining best practices through Pega, Tokio Marine & Nichido successfully standardized work processes and visualized individual working procedures. As for software development; processes, the UI, and business rule models were unified on a single platform through Pega using the required definitions phase. This dramatically improved productivity compared to development through conventional Java. Now Tokio Marine & Nichido are taking on the challenge of mobile utilization.

The COE (Center of Excellence) was established to make more efficient use of Pega, which continues to create systems that quickly respond to changes within a company.

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    Pega's low code makes developing applications faster than conventional methods. With the business model users can quickly grasp what their business needs, and automatically generate applications and document audit trails, reducing development costs by up to 75%.