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Pega for Hospitality

Transform the customer experience and redefine operational excellence.

Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Want more guests? Get personal.

Once you get guests in the door, you know that giving them a personalized experience is a must. The trick is getting them in the door to begin with.

The secret to success is to focus on being relevant to each individual. Drop the batch-and-blast approach to campaigns and focus on delivering personalized, one-to-one offers that capture your guest’s unique interests.

Pega’s proven AI technology assures that each engagement is perfectly tailored to your guest’s individual needs. You can combine real-time context with big data and analytics to create and present the perfect one-to-one offer, even on digital and social channels. Don’t wait for your guests to come to you to deliver a white-glove experience. Get personalized and get them in the door sooner.

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Build for Change: Next Best Action

Maximize the customer’s value to the organization with Pega's Next Best Action

Increase Cross-Sell/Upsell

Anticipate needs. Deepen relationships.

Regular guests don’t become that way overnight. They keep coming back when they receive impeccable service and incredible value. If you want to grow your relationships with your guests, you’ve got to engage in a way that is tailored to their wants and needs. If you’re not delivering, you will end up losing out to competitors who are eager to win your guests over.

With Pega, you can leverage your data about guest behaviors to proactively predict the products and services they might want next. Our AI-driven decision hub gives you the power to create personalized marketing offers and campaigns that orchestrate seamless journeys across your digital, outbound, and assisted channels.

Personalize each touch, and you’ll have many more “regulars.”

Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Service

Exceed guest expectations. Everywhere. Every time.

"Nice to see you again, Mrs. Smith. Will you be needing the 7 a.m. wake-up call again?" That’s what your guests want to hear. You know them, you remember them, and you are making their experience as seamless as possible.

Your systems should be arming your front-desk staff for success the minute a guest books their reservation. They need more than data. They require insights into what your guests want, and the tools to deliver great experiences easily. Pega’s next-gen service application goes beyond a 360-degree view to deliver AI-driven insights that can be actioned in the moment on any channel – at the front-desk, on their phone, or online. The industry’s only unified automation engine – with built in robotics – streamlines and simplifies every interaction, so you and your team can deliver exceptional service to your guests.


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Optimizing the customer journey

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The perfect world for today's customer

Pega helps you deliver satisfying, efficient, and accurate customer service experiences every time.

Streamline Service Operations

When things get tough, make life easy.

Life can be complicated. Plans change, disruption happens. This is when your guests need you most. Imagine a world in which resolving guest complaints was simple and fast. Regardless of your guest’s place in time and space, you’d be able to turn potential issues into “moments of truth” that prove your ability to deliver. Doing that, however, means you have to cut through the complexity of your systems, bringing teams together to work for a common outcome.

Pega’s applications give you the speed to solve guest service issues quickly, and reliably. We put the industry’s only unified automation platform – with AI-powered robotics, BPM, and case management – to work for your service teams. They can focus on your guests, instead of struggling with your systems. Customers are empowered through self-service digital channels, and even your most complicated processes are made simple.

Achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence

Relying on robots? There’s a better way.

If your organization is counting on disconnected point solutions to transform your end-to-end digital processes, it’s going to get real ugly, real fast. And if you think “deploy a bunch of robots” is an automation strategy, we have news for you – it’s not effective. Don’t let the digital future sneak up on your enterprise.

If you are serious about saving costs and if you really want to improve guest experience, then you need to think beyond robotic band-aids. According to McKinsey, the best automation strategies start by “taking an end-to-end view of the outcome needed,” and applying the right automation technology to the right problem.

Pega is the industry’s only unified digital process automation platform, with robotics, process automation, and case management together in a unified architecture. We build in powerful decision analytics, so you’ve got everything you need to automate any process in your business. You can move as fast as any point solution, but still deliver the end-to-end results that lower costs and drive guest satisfaction sky high.

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Build for Change: Unified Platform

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Transform the customer experience and redefine operational excellence

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