Pega Government Platform

 Modernize and build for change with
Pega Government Platform


Whether modernizing or standing up a new initiative, there is no wrong place to begin. Prepare for the future and be ready to respond in real time to policy changes with a flexible, agile platform.


Free your programs from cumbersome, outdated applications. With Pega your applications keep pace as policies and requirements change.


Stand at the forefront of true digital government. Engage citizens and make their lives easier, with high-quality touchpoints and seamless service.

Outcomes-Oriented Architecture

Deliver the applications that fulfill your mission. Pega generates reusable components that build on each other to help you architect the business processes you need.

Model Driven

Speed development time, empower collaboration, and reduce miscommunication by incorporating both business and IT objectives. Use familiar metaphors to define how government processes should work and decisions should be made.


With Pega you can reuse common rules, so changes only need to be made once. You can also define specialized rules to handle changing program, geographical, or channel requirements in real time.

Built-In Case Management

Free government resources from tedious, repetitive tasks. Pega delivers end-to-end process automation driven by intelligent, next-best-action guidance.

Build Once, Use On Any Device

Develop once and deploy on as many devices, browsers, and locales as needed. With Pega, government conversations transition seamlessly across communication channels and devices without losing context.
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