Pega Warranty Management

 Provide fast, efficient claims management and reduce warranty costs with
Pega Warranty Management


Reduce your warranty spend and maximize efficiency. Pega automates complex processes, links channels, and uses your existing systems and data to streamline warranty management from start to finish.


Keep your warranty process in synch with your business needs. With Pega, business rules are applied across the customer lifecycle, so applications can be easily altered to support new campaigns or recalls.


Make your customer experience the best it can be. With Pega it’s easy for dealers and end customers to register, process, and quickly receive claim payments.
Gain more control with

Advanced Claim Analytics

Instead of overnight batch processes, claims are processed in hours or even minutes to improve your customers’ experience and get important, quality data back into the development and manufacturing process.
Speed implementation with

A Global Process

A consistent, global interface seamlessly accommodates different languages, time zones, currencies, and claims submissions via multiple channels, from anywhere in the world. It’s why large global automotive, high-tech, and consumer goods manufacturers count on Pega.

Accelerated processes

With Pega, only approved claims are entered in to the claims process to save time, reduce fraudulent or inaccurate submissions, and streamline the claims process end to end. See how one company improved productivity by 42%.
Recover your spend with

Supplier Recovery

Pega manages the authorization of Parts Return, including Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), for claims payment and quality inspections, to help you recover your warranty spend. Pega also helps manufacturers reduce warranty costs by orchestrating and tracking the supplier recovery process.
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