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Pega: customer support software, evolved

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, delivering outstanding customer service is pretty big challenge – especially when you’re working with legacy customer support software.

Your customers expect fast, easy access to customer support on all the channels and devices they use, but most customer support software wasn’t built for this kind of omni-channel service. Customers also expect issues to be resolved right away by the first person they reach. Yet traditional customer service management software was never designed to connect the various people, systems and silos of information required to resolve problems immediately. Customers also expect that as their needs evolve, your customer support platform will evolve right along with them. Legacy software, however, wasn’t developed with the ability to adapt to changing business requirements.

As a leading provider of strategic applications for the world’s largest enterprises, Pega meets the challenge of providing exceptional customer support with the next generation of software.


CRM Evolved

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Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

Customer support software for exceptional service and reduced cost.

Pega’s customer support platform enables enterprises to deliver exceptional experiences on every customer interaction. With Pega’s solution, enterprises can communicate with customers via any channel, anticipate their needs and connect them with the people and systems that can resolve their issues quickly.

Unlike a traditional customer service platform that depends on people to interpret data and take action, Pega’s customer support software automates processes and provides customer service reps with intelligent, step-by-step guidance for delivering an optimal customer service experience. To reduce the cost of customer service, Pega streamlines and automates tasks, enabling customer service employees to work smarter and faster to meet customer needs.

Pega’s system includes a contact center desktop, case management for customer service, mobile field service, self-service and industry-specific processes and data models.

Benefits of Pega’s customer support software

With Pega, enterprises can:

  • Dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Pega case management for customer service tracks information, automates and assigns outstanding task, and connects front and back-office activity for end-to-end focus on resolving customer inquiries.
  • Significantly increase employee productivity. Pega automates tasks and provides step-by-step guidance to complete each one, based on the context of a customer’s specific situation.
  • Quickly adapt to changing requirements. Pega’s CRM software solution is built on the fast and highly scalable Pega 7 platform, enabling enterprises to rapidly translate specific business needs into a customer service application that operates across multiple channels, products, business lines and customer segments.

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