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Pega for Financial Services

Forge lasting customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation.

Commercial & Investment Banking

Make Your Reps and Advisors More Effective

Deliver superior client outcomes

Is your sales-tech measuring up? According to a survey by Finextra and Pega, 57 percent of banks admit their sales tools don’t have the ability to suggest specific products, accounts, or services that are the right fit for their clients.

If you don’t know what’s right for your clients, how can you possibly deliver the outcomes they expect? You can’t, unless you transform your sales force automation system from something you put information into to something you get insight out of.

Think of Pega as your software sherpa, one that intelligently guides your reps and advisors to the next best actions and personalized offers throughout the sales cycle. By empowering your customer service staff with guided, contextual insights, you can deepen client relationships and increase your book of business. You can’t afford to get it wrong. With Pega, you won’t.

How Alfa-Bank transformed sales

A focus on relationship management has transformed sales at Alfa-Bank.

Pega Client Service for Commercial & Investment Banking

Learn how to enable service teams to deliver client-focused interactions with optimal efficiency.

Seamless Omni-Channel Client Service

Exceed expectations. Every time. On every channel.

Your one-location, one-product, one-channel client is gone. Today, you just have clients. Globally distributed. Digitally savvy. They expect their bank to be there when they need it, and to deliver consistent, flawless service. No exceptions.

Are your service experiences and processes up to the task? Likely not. But there’s an easy way to get there. With Pega’s battle-tested AI and integrated cross-channel customer service tech, you can tailor every client’s experience in any channel, across multiple continents and jurisdictions. Problems are solved proactively, predictively, at light speed. We know you're measuring net promoter score. Let’s get you to best-in-class service status and retain your clients for life.

Streamline Service Operations

Don’t expose your silos to your clients

Clients hungry for better service have no trouble switching to different financial institutions. They want smooth, personalized onboarding, account maintenance, service requests, and inquiry handling.

Financial institutions often fail to deliver because they are too focused on front-end technology. They shout into the digital void, "Hey, look at our new mobile app!" Well, slick, shiny apps don’t do the heavy-lifting of automating their fulfillment processes. The result is laborious, manual legwork that drives both client service teams and clients crazy. We don't need to tell you what happens when your client gets too frustrated or dissatisfied.

Pega is engineered to automate across silos, finally connecting your front-end channels to your back-office operations. Your clients gets what they want fast, and you get the work done even faster. Happier clients at a lower cost of service? Brilliant.


Data Sheet

Solving critical commercial banking challenges

Make every interaction an opportunity to strengthen your client relationships.

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chartis report

Analyst Report

Chartis recognizes Pega as a category leader in KYC & CLM

Pega excels as the #1 Category Leader in Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions by Chartis Research.

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Seamlessly Orchestrate Client Onboarding

Digital-age onboarding in days, not months

Remember the saying “you only have one chance to make a first impression?” On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yours? If you’re like most financial institutions, there’s some room for improvement. Once you land that new business, there are few things more cumbersome than onboarding, whether it’s a complex multi-national institution or a retail banking client. Yes, you can blame the regulators. You can blame your firm’s system and process silos. There are a lot of reasons why it’s complicated.

But how about actually solving the problem? What if you could seamlessly orchestrate the entire process, massively accelerate onboarding times, streamline regulatory compliance, and turn a historically poor experience into a competitive advantage? You can!

With Pega Client Lifecycle Management, our award-winning application does the heavy lifting. You can automate your processes, ensure global KYC compliance, and provide client focus with comprehensive visibility, tracking, and reporting, from front to back office. Oh, and easily scale across multiple lines of business and jurisdictions. Boom!

Digital Process Automation

Accelerate your digital transformation

Can we please stop obsessing over FinTech? Instead of chasing trends, focus on actively working toward the client outcomes with tools that deliver them more efficiently. Oh, and revolutionize your clients’ experience in the process.

Every transaction presents an opportunity to improve. Loan origination, account opening and funding, payment processing, and approval processes can all be revamped and refreshed easier than you think.

With Pega’s industry-leading and industrial-strength digital process automation platform, you can realize staggering productivity gains, cost reduction, and client satisfaction. We have decades of experience helping the world’s large financial institutions solve massively complex business challenges. Net-net, Pega can help you generate more business at a lower cost of operation. Who doesn’t love that?

Automate. Accelerate. Save
Isbank optimizes over 500 processes

Development productivity up 60 percent. Forty legacy systems consolidated. See how Isbank transformed.

Forge lasting customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation

Explore featured applications and solutions for commercial & investment banking:

Pega Client Service for Commercial Banking

Transform your client experience in any channel.

Pega Client Lifecycle Management

Expedite onboarding, time to transact while managing KYC due diligence.

Pega Know Your Customer

Streamline compliance for faster time to revenue.

Pega Smart Investigate

Automate corporate banking payment exceptions.