Pega Collections

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Pega Collections


To help customers you need to understand them. Pega uses data you already have plus data gathered in real time during interactions to provide insight into each customer’s unique personal circumstances.


Balance what’s best for the customer with what’s best for your business. Pega uses analytics to determine which incentives and payment arrangements to offer each customer, optimizing every interaction.


Stay in compliance without sacrificing innovation. Pega makes it fast and easy to modify your collections processes and interactions in response to regulatory changes and business needs.
 Put data to work with

Analytics-Based Payment Offers

Recommend the most relevant and optimized payment offers to customers, based on their unique circumstances. Pega’s predictive analytics and adaptive decision management anticipate needs and determine the right offers, based on historical and real-time data.
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Complex Process Guidance

Ensure an accurate, compliant, and personalized customer experience every time. Pega uses the context of each interaction to intelligently guide conversations through complex collections processes, providing relevant dialogue, knowledge content, data, and actions for customer representatives.
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Intuitive Strategy Control

Pega provides an intuitive, graphical way to model and create collections strategies and then fine-tune them in production with sophisticated test and control functionality. As a result, your employees can continuously adapt and improve collection strategies as market conditions change.
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Omni-Channel Experience

Provide your customers with a seamless experience across all channels and devices without loss of context. Omni-channel management lets your customers connect with you whenever they want and wherever they go, across online interfaces, mobile devices, and social networks.

Case Management

Pega’s dynamic case management automatically connects the people, systems, processes, and data required to resolve collections issues, increasing efficiency while ensuring you deliver on the service you promise your clients.
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Additional Product Features

Provide an efficient, consistent customer experience for website visitors.
Customers can securely share the same web page—invaluable for more complex default management cases.
Capture digital signatures with integrated DocuSign digital signature capabilities.
Pega recommends relevant, timely information based on the current customer interaction.
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