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Pega Client Service for Commercial Banking

Transform your client experience in any channel.

"I’m very confident in saying that if we didn’t have Pega, we would find it difficult to respond to customer needs."
Get to know Pega Client Service for Commercial Banking
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Link conversations with
omni-channel experience

With Pega, your clients’ experience transitions seamlessly across channels and devices without losing the context of the conversation.

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Improve interactions with
intelligent guidance

Pega anticipates what each client needs based on the situation. During interactions, it intelligently suggests the next best action, guiding users step by step through a personalized client service experience.

Optimize service with
dynamic case management

Deliver an exceptional client experience every time. Pega connects people, systems, and enterprise processes to resolve inquiries, track related information, automate and assign outstanding tasks, and connect front and back office activity for end-to-end resolution.

Simplify the complex with
an intuitive service desktop

Pega’s unified client contact center interface is easy to work with, yet powerful enough to support the client service complexities of large organizations.

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Seamlessly integrate with
Web and mobile mashup

Deliver a consistent client experience by embedding Pega directly into your existing channels. Pega Mashup brings the intelligence of our Case Management directly to the client touchpoint, instead of hard-coding logic into each channel independently.

Additional Product Features

Two or more parties can securely share the same webpage with just a single click.

Manage the entire client lifecycle, from first phone call to request close.

Fetch client data from different sources in real time, in a way that’s easy to build and maintain.

Pega’s scaled, tiered cloud environment supports the Pega Client Service application.

Pega Social Engagement

CSRs can listen to social conversations, analyze client sentiment, and give an appropriate response.

Pega Chat

Provide an efficient, consistent client service experience to website visitors.

Pega Services and Connectors

Pega interfaces with your systems using standard protocols like HTTP, SOAP, REST, MQ, JMS, and SQL.

Pega Mobile

Clients and employees can interact through a user experience optimized for their devices.

Pega Knowledge

Customer Case Studies

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