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Simpler co-browsing. Satisfied customers.

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No Downloads Needed

There are no downloads, no installations, no plug-ins. Just tag your website with a single line of Javascript and customers can share their browser with a single click.

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Show and Tell

With Pega Co-Browse, you can highlight and direct customers easily to the information they need. You can ask the customer to allow you to control their page and guide them or use highlighting features and or visual cues like arrows to point them in the right direction.

Co-Browse Session

Private and Secure

With Pega Co-Browse, you can specify the sensitive information to be masked with HTML elements or form fields. All masked elements never leave the customer’s browser and are never seen by the representative.

Co-Browse Documentation

Visual Masking

Pega Co-Browse provides a no code solution to mask or hide text fields or images. This allows companies to only show the agent the information they want the agent to view.

Engage with Chat

With Pega Co-Browse, you can integrate with Pega Chat or your own chat platform. You can also integrate chat within your Pega Customer Service application.

Additional Product Features

Works with all major browsers and operating systems. User experience optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.

Pega Co-Browse is available in the cloud as well as on premise.

Ensure that your customer service application communicates with your telephony systems for a seamless customer experience.

Provide an efficient, consistent customer service experience for website visitors.

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