Pega Marketing for Communications

 Reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value with
Pega Marketing for Communications


Increase customer loyalty. Decide in real-time whether to retain, sell or service based on the customer situation, and determine the next-best-action using sophisticated analytics.


Make optimized decisions that balance each customer desire with your business objectives to drive increased profits.


Deliver initial business benefits in 90 days. Then rapidly respond to competitive threats with easy-to-use campaign and strategy development tools that leverage self-learning analytics.
Reduce churn with

Guided, Personalized Retention

Reduce churn and retention costs by dynamically building personalized offers for customers. The industry best practices built into Pega’s guided retention processes help you limit revenue dilution.
Prevent customer churn with

Proactive Retention

Identify triggers in real-time that lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn such as service disruptions, web usage indicators, and social media interactions. Then automatically respond with meaningful offers and messages personalized for each customer’s situation
Increase lifetime value with

Personalized Offers

Increase acceptance rates and customer satisfaction by delivering up-sell and cross-sell offers directly related to customer needs and behaviors, at the right time.
Engage customers with

Omni-Channel Conversations

Empower your customers to communicate via the channels they prefer, while ensuring a consistent and relevant dialogue. Adapt the conversation in real time based on what the customer is doing, whether they’re on your web page, using your mobile application, or interacting with your live agents.
Boost response rates with

Individualized Digital Campaigns

Ensure every customer receives the optimum message in all outbound and digital channels, with laser-focused targeting and delivery. Drive increased conversion rates by actioning customer responses in real-time, using automated campaign flows.
"Pega has the brains to help an agent deliver the right treatment to the right customer at the right time. That is very different from traditional telecommunications care."

Marcelo Claure, CEO, Sprint

"Pega has the brains to help an agent deliver the right treatment to the right customer at the right time. That is very different from traditional telecommunications care."

Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint

Additional Product Features

Out of the box UI enabling agents to retain and sell to customers in contact center and retail
Deliver exceptional acquisition, retention and sales through self-service channels
See how key adjustments in marketing tactics can improve outcomes with the Visual Business Director.
Track key performance indicators with communications industry-specific marketing dashboards.
A robust library of common objects and data models based on TM Forum Shared Information Data Model (SID) is included.
Test complex strategies and manage revisions with state-of-the-art approval process management.
Extensible campaigns available out of the box allow you to get up and running more quickly.
Empower local marketers to configure and run customized marketing efforts with reusable corporate assets.
Embed Pega directly into mobile or web channels to rapidly integrate with your infrastructure.
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