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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Your roadmap for digital transformation

Trapped in digital chaos? You’re not alone. Follow these steps for real transformation, one journey at a time.

"Enterprises undergoing digital transformation will find the way that Pegasystems unifies decision, process, and customer experience compelling."

Let’s face it. Digital transformation is hard.

Today’s customers expect you to be nothing less than flawlessly digital. If you can’t deliver a seamless experience across channels, they won’t hesitate to go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, most enterprises weren’t designed for the digital world. Their systems are too fragmented, their operations too complex. Maybe that’s why digital transformation is so easy to talk about but so difficult to actually achieve.

In fact, we often see businesses make three well-intentioned mistakes:

  1. They focus on channels rather than journeys, reinforcing the same old disconnected customer experiences.
  2. They attempt to automate existing tasks, rather than redesigning end-to-end experiences that deliver outcomes for customers and employees.
  3. They maintain silos – front office vs. back office, business vs. IT – instead of building experiences that cut across boundaries.

To transform the right way, you don’t need to rip everything out and start over. Instead, you can harness technology to make your organization into a better version of itself: more efficient, more customer-centric, and more resilient in a time of constant disruption.

Real talk, minus the hype

Pega Founder and CEO Alan Trefler warns of well-intentioned pursuits that turn into well-intentioned mistakes:

  • Channels, not journeys
  • Tasks, not outcomes
  • Silos, not end-to-end
Future-proof your organization and technology

Future-proof your technology

Hear how thought leaders use AI, automation, and agility to get better today and ready for tomorrow.

Why software architecture matters

Mistakes happen. Challenges abound. And the competition is fierce. The good news? Even the most complex enterprise can achieve digital transformation, one step at a time.

If you’re ready for real change that goes beyond buzzwords, you’ll need technology that’s up to the task. Your software must:

  • Be beautifully designed and high-performing, reliable and scalable
  • Connect to existing systems, even old, outdated ones
  • Deliver the speed and simplicity of the cloud, but remain secure and accessible
  • Keep pace with change, both today and tomorrow

Of course, lasting digital transformation takes more than tech – it takes leadership, vision, execution, and discipline. But we believe technology should always enhance and enable your transformation, not stand in the way.

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What does real digital transformation look like?

T-mobile card

Case Study

T-Mobile Centers the customer experience with Next Best Action

See how the company achieved an 8-point increase in NPS with Pega Customer Decision Hub.


Case Study

Cisco: Cutting 2 million hours of wait time

Business and IT worked together to serve customers faster and boost efficiency with the power of automation.

Case Study

Siemens: Creating a seamless customer experience

Siemens selected Pega to digitize and lean its customer and employee touchpoints, while bridging systems, processes, and people at scale and in real time.

Don’t settle for less than a unified solution

No matter where you are in your efforts, your enterprise can get results faster with a unified software platform that combines industry-leading AI and digital process automation.

Unlike other solutions wired together from disparate pieces, the products and features in our Digital Transformation (DX) Architecture work together seamlessly, right out of the box.

A unified architecture means you don’t need to spend time wiring disconnected pieces together. Instead, you can focus on stuff that matters. Like improving customer value at every interaction. Designing awesome service experiences. Automating into the far corners of your business. Operating at the speed and scale you need.

Achieving that – all of that – is essential to digital transformation.

Responsible AI

Inside the Pega DX Architecture

See how our unified platform brings it all together.


Think bigger. Transform faster.

Pega Catalyst™ puts a design thinking approach to work.

Design your digital transformation from the ground up

Feel like your digital transformation initiatives aren’t moving fast enough? Don’t have buy-in from the right people? Not even sure where to start?

Fear not: Most enterprises hit a roadblock – or several – along the way. To jumpstart change, try applying design thinking principles to your digital transformation.

A design thinking approach not only helps you identify which problems to solve first; it gives you the tools you need to actually solve them. By taking a holistic view of your organization, your people, and your goals, you’ll set the stage for real, lasting transformation, one journey at a time.

Deliver digital transformation with Pega

Pega Infinity

One powerful portfolio of enterprise software. Limitless possibilities.

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