Pega 7 for Operations

Simplify and automate to reduce costs and improve agility with
Pega 7 for Operations


Pega has helped businesses achieve up to 75% increase in productivity by automating work processes, guiding manual procedures, and providing visibility into all aspects of their operations


Comply with rules and regulations including keeping to prescribed procedures, timeframes, auditability, automated documentation, and reporting


Build operations and business process management applications 6.4x faster than with Java, and change them 8x faster

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations by using Case Management to orchestrate complex work across business and system silos. Intelligently automate work, guide knowledge workers with essential information, and track work through its full lifecycle to gain end-to-end visibility and control.

Uphold Service Levels

Keep promises to customers, partners, and employees by managing to SLAs, ensuring work, alerts, and escalations go to the right people at the right time. Manage dependencies of collaborative work, prioritize work according to customer tiers, predict when SLAs are in jeopardy, and automatically escalate.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Comply with rules and regulations including keeping to prescribed business processes, procedures, timeframes, auditability, automated documentation, and reporting.

Accelerate Business Change

Pega 7 enables exceptional business agility by supporting both a collaborative application development process we call Direct Capture of Objectives and the ability for the business to iteratively drive improvements to the deployed application.

Additional Product Features

Built-in Business Process Management and Case Management helps you quickly build business applications that deliver the outcomes and end-to-end customer experiences your customers demand. Find out why Pega is the perennial leader in BPM and Case Management.
Maximize value by acting with relevance, consistency, and at the right time. Continually adapt your decisions with self-learning, ensuring actions are always relevant and personal on every channel. Harness a single decision authority that unifies decisions for consistent experiences.
Applications developed in Pega 7 are automatically ready to run across a variety of devices with zero additional work required. Even advanced native mobile device features like offline access and push notifications are enabled directly from the Designer Studio.
DCO dramatically increases both the speed and accuracy with which applications are delivered and it also helps better engage with business in the enterprise projects.
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