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Bring robotic automation to your team's desktops

Your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) struggle to navigate their hodgepodge of disconnected desktop applications whenever they engage with customers. Distracted CSRs waste time toggling between dozens of applications to input or review customer data, frustrating both them and your customers.

It’s time to meet the rising service expectations of your customers, partners, and constituents. Gone are your days of flipping between multiple applications, causing data inconsistencies, working in isolated systems.

Pega Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) helps your team work faster and more efficiently, simplifying and automating business processes and transactions on their desktops. It automates key tasks and workflows, so your employees can deliver an exceptional service experience by focusing on what matters most: the customer.

Customer interactions are captured with greater accuracy, resulting in benefits like:

  • Improved marketing intelligence
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Increased agent productivity and engagement
  • A consistent CSR experience


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