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Build For Change: Robotic Automation & Intelligence

Everyone is under pressure to improve the customer experience and reduce operational inefficiencies, no matter which industry you work in.

What if there were a way to drastically reduce the mundane, repetitive tasks that thwart employee productivity and stand in the way of an exceptional customer experience? With Pega Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation, you and your employees can put an end to:

  • Wasting valuable time searching for information in multiple systems
  • Clicking through unnecessary screens to address customers' needs
  • Copying and pasting data across multiple platforms
  • Asking customers to repeat information

Pega’s Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence suite automates the manual tasks that impede productivity, harm customer experiences, increase operating costs, and cause countless lost opportunities.


Anytime you have a large group of people performing similar functions, using many dispersate software applications, or just one big complex enterprise system, and critical performance metrics like customer satisfaction and revenue are impacted by the team's efficiency. Then chances are good that Pegasystems can help.

Whether you're in finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications or a government agency, everyone is under pressure to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. You can probably think of several process inefficiencies in your engagement channels or back office that need to be fixed today.

Let's use a contact center environment as an example. When a customer engages, do your Customer Service reps have an immediate view of all the information and insights they need to handle the interaction? Or do they waste valuable time searching for information in multiple systems? Do they have to click through lots of unneeded screens to address the customer's needs? Do things slow down whenever a process change occurs? Do agents ever have to copy and paste customer data from screen-to-screen to update multiple systems? Or worse, ask the customer to repeat information so they can reenter it manually? And then spend a lot of time documenting the activities that took place during the interaction. These inefficient processes create errors and rework, increase call handle times and leave your customers frustrated, turning a potential revenue opportunity into a customer experience disaster.

Is this the kind of customer experience you want? With Pega Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation, you can change all that. Pega Workforce Intelligence allows you to collect and analyze information about how users interact with their applications so you can pinpoint and target inefficiencies. Pega Robotic Automation then enables you to automate manual processes, customize the user experience or add onscreen process guidance. All while leveraging the existing applications on your desktops today.

What happens when you create a more effective user environment? When processes are streamlined? Your employees can focus on serving your customers. Your productivity increases, efficiency improves and customer satisfaction grows. There's better workforce retention and less need for extensive training. You and your customers get the most value from every interaction. The best part is, you can start to see these results right away because with Pega, robotic software automations are easy develop and deploy across your entire team, in just days or weeks. Without the lengthy development cycles or costly consulting engagements.

No matter what applications you use, Pega's Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation solutions can help you improve any process and create the best possible user experiences for all your employees. You get the intelligence and automation you need to build a continuous improvement model for your organization. That's the kind of impact the C Suite is looking for. So before you rip and replace your old applications, make the ones you have work better. Make your business more efficient while improving the experiences of your customers. Pega Robotic Automation and Intelligence, it's robotic automation for the enterprise.


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