Case Study

Isbank: Evolving omni-channel interactions

  • 11 integrated channels
  • 700+ adaptive models
  • 146 predictors analyzed in real time
"After implementing Pega in 2017, we’ve seen a 37% increase in hard response rate… we’ve averaged nearly a million more accepted offers each month."

The Business Issue

Isbank’s customers’ expectations were at an all-time high. They demanded personalized content each and every time they engaged – regardless of channel.

Isbank needed to evolve. They needed to transform from an organization that pushed products, to one that leveraged customer context to prioritize offers and take action. If it was time to sell, they would provide the best possible offer. If the customer needed service, they would deliver it seamlessly. And if the customer didn’t need anything at all, they would not engage. It’s better to take no action than to waste an engagement with something irrelevant.

The Solution

With Pega’s Customer Decision Hub and Pega Marketing, Isbank now provides relevant, contextual, consistent, and personalized omni-channel interactions for their 9 million customers.

They turn data into insight using Pega’s predictive and adaptive analytics. By combining internal data (customer demographics, product ownership, CLV, channel preferences, offer responses, etc.) with data from real-time interactions (credit card transactions, web browsing, geolocation data, social media, etc.) they can deliver next best actions across 11 channels.

The Results

By adopting a next best action approach, Isbank has seen tremendous results:

  • >20% increase in predictive accuracy
  • 37% improvement in offer acceptance
  • 1.3M more products sold (annually)
  • 14.3% average response rate
  • 34.7% response rate for mobile offers

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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Product Area: Marketing
  • Challenge: Cross-Selling/Up-Selling