Communications service providers usually put their best foot forward during the sales process, ensuring that prospective customers receive prompt and personalized care. This quality of service, however, doesn’t always carry over to the order fulfillment system after a purchase is made. Sluggishness or errors in order fulfillment—particularly in the context of complex enterprise telecom orders—can result in an immediate erosion of customer goodwill or in the worst cases, lost sales and revenue. For telecom providers looking to differentiate services by providing a superior customer experience, your order fulfillment system is a good place to start.


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Why Use Pega to Power Your Order Fulfillment System?

Pega is the market leader in business process management (BPM) systems that enable organizations to intelligently automate their back-office and customer-facing business processes. As a complete order management solution, Pega orchestrates all the people, data, and systems involved in the order lifecycle—from purchase through to fulfillment.

Along with rules-based workflow automation, Pega delivers case management that provides complete visibility across all elements of the order fulfillment system—even in the most complex telecom order management environments. The Pega platform also features integrated real-time marketing analytics so that each customer can be presented with just the right personalized cross-sell, up-sell, or retention offer, at just the right time.

By using Pega to power your order fulfillment system your organization can:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating duplicative or unnecessary manual work.
  • Reduce order fallout by eliminating error-prone manual hand-offs.
  • Increase customer retention rates by shortening order cycle times and providing customers a better initial experience with your company.
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience across channels including the call center, Web self-service, and mobile devices.
  • Facilitate new product and service rollouts with an order fulfillment system that’s easy to revise and update using Pega’s innovative Build for Change® technology.

Order Fulfillment System Successes with Pega

Six of the top ten communication service providers use Pega B2B Order Management or other Pega BPM solutions to operate more efficiently and deliver personalized customer service. CSPs using Pega to create and run a customized order fulfillment system have experienced far-reaching benefits. For example:

  • Telstra reduced the order-to-activation cycle time for its Telstra IP telephony service by 70% by using Pega BPM software.
  • Vodafone used Pega to implement a new ordering platform for its enterprise customers, sharply reducing the amount of manual labor involved in order fulfillment and accelerating order delivery times.


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