Pega Marketing for Financial Services

Improve customer sales and satisfaction during every interaction with
Pega Marketing for Financial Services


Deliver intelligent and personalized marketing interactions with your banking customers. Pega uses in-the-moment information to recommend the next best action every time.


Personalize every customer interaction to maximize customer lifetime value and share of wallet. Self-learning models produce relevant, suggested actions that allow for adaptive, real-time decisioning.


Engage in one-on-one, uninterrupted conversations with customers across any series of channels in any order. The same set of strategies, offers, and rules can be re-used to reduce ongoing maintenance.

Real-Time Next Best Action

Instead of pushing outbound offers, deliver personalized, one-to-one engagement marketing during existing customer interactions. Pega’s next-best-action approach arbitrates between sales, service, risk, retention, and operational concerns in real time to optimize your messages.

Customer Lifetime Value

Empower marketers to more effectively differentiate customers with the potential to grow. Pega’s next-best-action strategies ensure that each customer is targeted with the most suitable action to help grow your bank’s share of wallet.

Built-In Industry Interfaces

Truly effective next-best-action strategies require more than just your internal customer and transaction data. Real-time integration with the widely used Hadoop, Cassandra, and Equifax services provides a rich data stream to enrich your strategies and expand your view of the customer.

The Customer Decision Hub

Win over fickle and demanding banking customers efficiently and effectively. Pega’s Customer Decision Hub acts like a brain supercharged with memory and predictive, real-time marketing intelligence.

Better Decisions, Faster

Enterprises need to rapidly deliver next best actions that improve customer engagement and increase loyalty. Pega provides a business-friendly interface that makes defining even the most complex strategies simple, with no IT expertise needed.

Additional Product Features

Simulate and view how key adjustments in marketing tactics can lead to more optimal outcomes.
Easily design, build, and execute inbound and outbound strategies in a single place.
Operationalize existing predictive models by using PMML to minimize integration effort.
Embed Pega directly into mobile or Web channels to reach your customers more effectively.
Retrieve customer data from existing systems in real time while preserving data integrity.
Pega’s scaled, tiered cloud environment drives faster time to market.
Empower your employees with the best contextual recommendations in any situation.
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