Insurance companies today are challenged with delivering customer-frlendly products and services across multiple channels, while at the same time holding down costs, closely managing risks, and maintaining regulatory compliance. When major insurers worldwide need insurance software solutions to help them manage these tasks more effectively and efficiently, they turn to Pegasystems. Recognized as the market leader in business process management (BPM) software and backed by nearly three decades of working closely with the insurance industry, Pegasystems makes insurance software solutions that enable insurers to reach new markets, streamline front and back-office processes, contain costs, and drive greater profitability.


Born Yesterday: Will Millennials Disrupt the Insurance Industry?

In Q1 2015, Capgemini and Pegasystems commissioned research to decode the attitudes and behaviors of young people as consumers, employees, and citizens.


CRM Evolved

Can you keep up with always-improving technology and ever-growing customer demands? See how CRM evolved helps your business do more, faster.

End-to-End Insurance Software Solutions

Leveraging our powerful, high-performance BPM platform, Pega insurance administration software drives efficiency and agility across all your major operational areas, including:

  • New business. More than any other process management platform on the market, Pega BPM empowers business users to create and launch new services with minimal reliance on IT staff. Powered by Pega BPM, Pega insurance software solutions give you unprecedented agility in entering new markets or rolling out new products and promotions. On the underwriting side, Pega insurance underwriting software enables you to dramatically reduce application processing time with rule-driven automated decisioning, improving your ability to convert prospects into policyholders.
  • Customer experience management. With Pega insurance software solutions, your organization can deliver outstanding service at a lower cost. Pega’s unified service desktop provides a comprehensive, integrated view of the customer and guides agents and service representatives through customer interactions in a way that optimizes value for both the customer and the business. Major insurers using Pega insurance management software report significant increases in one-call resolution rates as well as dramatic improvement in the success rates of cross-sell and up-sell offers.
  • Intelligent automation. Pega insurance software solutions enable you to quickly build and deploy intelligent, end-to-end automated processes that reduce costs and cycle times while increasing accuracy and transparency. With Pega insurance policy management software, you can seamlessly integrate front and back-office operations, break down information silos, and eliminate bottlenecks. Using Pega software, one major insurer reduced its policy application, quote, and bind cycle from 14 days to 14 minutes.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance. With Pega claims processing software and other Pega insurance software solutions, you can build your company’s risk, fraud, and compliance best practices into intelligent processes that are applied consistently across the organization. Pega applications will help you detect and respond to early indications of fraud, while improving regulatory compliance and simplifying compliance reporting.


With intelligent, agile insurance software solutions, Pegasystems is the solutions provider of choice of seven of the top ten insurers. We also provide financial services solutions and healthcare software solutions to many of the world’s leading financial and health care organizations.

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