Pega Claims for Insurance

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Pega Claims for Insurance


Quickly adapt to changing market conditions or business needs with a configurable, omni-channel claims solution that can be deployed 4 to 6 times faster than packaged offerings.


Gain exceptional control and visibility into the claims process through robust work management rules, best practice approval processes, and market leading analytics.


Optimize service interactions, deliver consistent claim outcomes, and improve adjuster productivity by streamlining the end-to end claims process. Achieve higher claims quality with lower TCO.
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Claims Management Desktop

Improve efficiency and effectiveness with a claims management desktop that modernizes your underwriting environment on an enterprise scale.
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Omni-Channel Experience

With Pega, your customer’s claims experience seamlessly transitions across channels and devices without losing context of the conversation.
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Intelligent Guidance

Help every Adjuster execute like your best with intelligent processes that prompt the right step at the right time and eliminate error-prone manual processing.
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Case Management

Improve quality, reliability, speed, and cost of operations by using Pega Case Management to orchestrate complex underwriting work across business and system silos.
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Direct Capture of Objectives

Pega lets you reduce time-to-market and improve reuse with embedded product configuration, centralized rules, and decisioning support. Improve business agility and empower the business to drive iterative improvements to the deployed application with the direct capture of objectives.