Smart Dispute for Issuers

 Streamline compliant dispute and claim processing of all types with
Smart Dispute for Issuers


Use rules-driven processes that dynamically manage service levels based on government regulations, bank policies, and network rules – like Visa Claims Reduction (VCR) – to ensure timely resolution.


Drive faster case resolution and cut costs with dynamic, end-to-end processes that reduce the complexity, errors, and training time associated with dispute and exception handling.


Provide seamless service across any channel or device with Pega’s omni-channel experience. Configure your optimal customer experience once and deploy it across all channels.
Optimize STP with

Guided Claim Processing

By intelligently guiding dispute entry, banks can achieve straight-through claims processing. Even when cases require review, guided processing dramatically reduces processing costs, write-offs, and risk for all claim types on Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ACH, and other PIN networks.
Intake on any device with

Self Service Portal

Empower customers to initiate disputes and track them from start to finish across the channels they prefer. Pega uses intelligent processes that adapt to customer segments, network rules, and bank policies to reduce expense and increase customer satisfaction.
Optimize claim work with

Real-Time Case Management

To deliver the end-to-end experience your customers demand, case management is critical for long running work like disputes. Pega tracks related information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, provides status visibility, and connects front- and back-office activity to resolve claims.
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Built-in Industry Interfaces

Eliminate back-office claim handling while cutting dispute resolution time, thanks to built-in interfaces with trusted third parties and their merchant databases. With Pega automation, you can avoid chargebacks and ensure credits are posted for a better customer experience and reduced expenses.
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Automated Accounting Rules

Standard accounting steps at specific process stages within the disputes flow automatically ensure provisional and final credits, suspense, write-offs, re-bills, and chargebacks correctly follow regulatory policies and bank processing requirements every time.

TD Visa Reduced the Number of Card Disputes
by 50 Percent

Read the case study

TD Visa Reduced the Number of Card Disputes by 50 Percent

Read case study

Additional Product Features

Accelerate the time to get a Pega application up and running for dev, test, QA, and production.
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