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Industry Leaders Count On Pegasystems Financial Services Software

In few industries are operating processes as complex and consequential as in the financial services. When choosing financial services software to support these operating processes, financial institutions need performance, adaptability, agility, and rock-solid reliability. Financial services software must accurately process an enormous multi-channel transaction load, and at the same time be flexible enough to adjust to an ever-changing competitive and regulatory environments.


Corporate Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.


Moments of Truth in Banking

Read this Pegasystems survey of more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations.


For nearly three decades more than 25 years, industry leaders have made it clear who they trust to deliver reliable, agileflexible, enterprise-scale financial services software: Pegasystems. Nine of the top ten U.S. banks and seven of the top ten global banks use Pegasystems financial services solutions to reduce operational costs, increase productivityimprove business agility, and provide superior customer service.

Pegasystems Has a Financial Services Software Solution for You

Pegasystems’ industry-leading business process management platform, SmartBPM, enables financial services institutions to design, develop, and deploy automated and semi-automated operational processes, and to monitor and continuously improve those processes. Our high-performance BPM platform can drive a wide range of financial services software applications, including risk management software, compliance assurance solutions, fraud case management, commercial customer on-boarding, retail banking solutions, and many more.

In recent years, Pegasystems customers including retail and wholesale banks, capital markets firms, and lending institutions have leveraged our financial services software to achieve striking improvements in efficiency, productivity, and service quality. Sample success stories for users of Pegasystems financial services software include customers who:

  • Deployed a multi-product, multi-channel account opening solution that drove new business volumes equivalent to the output of 75 brick and mortar branches
  • Created a Client Action and Request Tool that managed customer service requests across eight geographic regions and dramatically reduced the time required to resolve customer requests.
  • Automated end-to-end application, on-boarding, and fulfillment processes and were able to redeploy 60% of related back-office staff.
  • Enabled 3500 customer service representatives to consistently, efficiently, and effectively resolve customer issues in more than 100 countries across six continents.
  • Launched a dispute management solution that increased one-touch service resolution by 30%, cut down average back-office resolution time by 70%, and dramatically improved customer satisfaction.
  • Deployed a customer on-boarding solution that markedly reduced on-boarding time and quickly eliminated a four-week backlog.


In addition to optimizing any banking business process or other financial services process, Pegasystem’s leading edge BPM platform powers solutions for a wide range of service industries, including underwriting software for insurance providers, case management solutions for telecommunication firms, and many more.

Would you like the next success story to be yours? Learn more about Pega BPM for financial services.