Commercial Insurance Software

As insurers acclimate their companies to the rapidly changing insurance marketplace, many are seeking insurance software that will provide them with the tools they need to incorporate automation into their internal processes. Various forms of business process management (BPM) are available to help insurance carriers improve their operations across the board. For those who sell insurance to businesses, the right commercial insurance software can go along way towards improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. From claims management solutions to fraud protection applications, Pegasystems offers a comprehensive platform for corporate change and improvement.


Born Yesterday: Will Millennials Disrupt the Insurance Industry?

In Q1 2015, Capgemini and Pegasystems commissioned research to decode the attitudes and behaviors of young people as consumers, employees, and citizens.


CRM Evolved

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Commercial Insurance Software by Pegasystems: Tools for Success

Pega’s Better Business Software® offers a host of solutions for commercial insurers in many different areas:

Product Development. Pega’s commercial insurance software comes equipped with adaptive and predictive analytics to provide insurers with a detailed, real-time understanding of the complex and changing nature of consumer preferences. Backed by advanced analytics, Pega software acts as an insurance product configurator to help commercial insurers develop the right product offerings at the right time and get them to market quickly.

Claims Management. Pega’s unified insurance platform features state of the art claims management software that helps to automate the claims cycle in ways that increase adjuster productivity, regulatory compliance, and adherence to best practices. Simple tasks can be automated completely and more complex claims can be automatically sent to adjusters with the most relevant skill and experience. As a result, incidences of human error are reduced and costs are lowered.

Customer Service. Pega’s commercial insurance software helps to ensure a consistent, high quality customer experience in any given situation. Whether your customer has questions about a workers compensation claim or a general liability policy, they will receive a personalized experience from your customer service representative (CSR) due to the situational guidance embedded in the Pega platform. Pega’s flexible CSR solutions allow for a reduction in unnecessary manual work and an increased ability to adapt to change.

Risk Management. Increase your ability to effectively manage and monitor risk, fraud, and compliance throughout the claim cycle. Pega’s business process automation systems make sure the right rules are followed for every individual claim according to its specific geography and characteristics. Our Financial Crimes Case Management helps improve fraud detection by automatically monitoring cases in the context of relevant risk types.

Enhanced Dashboard Management with Commercial Insurance Software

Pega’s commercial insurance software provides insurers with an overview of their operations in real time using intelligent dashboard metrics. As a result, managers are better able to pinpoint bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies across policy administration systems. Internal processes become more streamlined and claims leakage is reduced. These benefits are realized using our P&C insurance software as well. Overall, your operations will be made more efficient, agile, and transparent when you partner with Pega for your business process management needs.

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