Call center CRM

Innovative call center CRM solutions are the key to superior customer relationships.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for the call center were once a critical tool for any company seeking to build better customer relationships. These call center CRM applications enabled companies to improve customer service and gain certain efficiencies in call center operations.

Pega Recognized as a Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management


Pega Recognized as a Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Pegasystems was identified as a Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) among 15 vendors who were evaluated against 26 criteria in The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2016.


5 Things That Your Customer Service Apps Must Do

To stay competitive, you’ve got to keep up with your customers—and they’re moving fast

But markets have grown more complex: customers now use the Internet and social media freely to compare and evaluate products, and change providers whenever they wish. Companies no longer can win business on good products and quality customer service alone – they need to provide an outstanding customer experience that cross channels, that understands and predicts customer behavior, and delivers the right information to the customer at the right time, in every transaction. Traditional call center CRM software isn’t up to this task. Consequently, companies everywhere are looking for new and innovative call center solutions to transform their call center CRM efforts. And for many of the world’s most successful companies, Pegasystems provides the call center CRM applications that accomplish this goal.

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Create exceptional customer experiences with Pegasystems’ call center CRM.

Pegasystems’ CRM and contact center solutions transform the call center –and customer relationships –by enabling call center reps to offer the exact right information to customers at the exact right time. With Pegasystems’ CRM software, companies can better understand customer needs and behaviors, using adaptive and predictive analytics to consistently give customers the experience they want and the offers that will best drive sales and business growth. Pegasystems call center CRM is customer focused rather than data-focused, optimizing interactions to both increase customer satisfaction and drive down costs. Available as an on-premise solution or in the cloud, Pegasystems’ CRM system helps companies achieve greater customer loyalty, improve productivity and significant business growth.

CRM tools that put the customer at the center of every call.

Pegasystems CRM applications provide companies with the CRM tools they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences, including:

  • A guided customer service desktop that provides service agents with all the information they need in context to deliver the right information at the right time on every call.
  • Predictive and adaptive analytics that enable agents to automatically make the right sales and retention offers in any interaction and across every channel.
  • Enterprise case management tools that support faster and more efficient resolution of customer requests.
  • Social media channel monitoring tools to better listen and respond to customer opinions and concerns.


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