Pega 7 for IoT

Deliver complete end-to-end IoT solutions with
Pega 7 for IoT
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Go beyond collecting and analyzing device data – Act on it! Combine insights from device and event data streams with work orchestration in real-time to optimize business outcomes.


Create the new standard for Customer Experience in your industry by orchestrating new pro-active IoT-driven services and personalized responses enhanced by insights from smart devices.


You don’t have to piece together IoT solutions. Pega provides a complete architecture that integrates inputs from devices, people and systems into business process applications.
Make better decisions with

Decision Hub & IoT

Valuable business decisions are made when real-time device and sensor data are analyzed and immediately acted on. The IoT revolution means millions of connected things, and with it comes a tremendous opportunity to automatically deliver valuable insights and new revenue streams.
Decision Hub & IoT
Use automation and intelligent guidance to

Orchestrate IoT Data into Actions

Use Pega’s industry-leading Case Management and BPM to turn IoT-enhanced insights into carefully orchestrated actions across business and system silos.
Orchestrate IoT Data into Actions
Don’t react to failure – prevent it with

Pega Machine Health

Pega Machine Health continuously orchestrates people, processes, things, and data to optimize the health and value streams of connected IoT devices. Organizations can analyze and prescribe steps for prevention and repair and proactively improve their customers’ experience.
Pega Machine Health

Pega 7: The IoT Platform for Change

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving IoT ecosystem with the exceptional business agility made possible by Pega 7. Pega 7 enables your IoT team to continuously drive improvements in both the analytics and the orchestration of IoT-driven actions.
Pega 7 Bi-Modal Platform for Change
Use open APIs and connectors to

Ingest High-Volume Event & Data Streams

Easily ingest both IoT event and data streams and existing legacy data sources to enhance business processes with IoT insights. Use visual tools for connection, data mapping, data modeling and data virtualization.
APIs and Connectors

Streamlining State Transportation Management & IoT

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Streamlining State Transportation Management & IoT

Read the case study

Additional Product Features

Maximize value by acting with relevance, consistency, and at the right time. Continually adapt your decisions with self-learning, ensuring actions are relevant and personalized.
No code, visually driven application development delivers apps faster than traditional approaches.
Build mobile apps: Write once. Run anywhere. Run everywhere.
Orchestrate work from start to finish with recognized industry leader.
Bring data and process together.
Accelerate and simplify the time to value of your business applications investment.
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