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Ethical Bias Check

At its best responsible AI can help you better understand your customers and add more value during every interaction. But despite your best intentions, bias related to factors like age, ethnicity, or gender can unintentionally creep into your analytics, and skew the outcomes. The results? Regulatory violations, discriminatory customer engagements, and even a loss of public trust.

But now with Ethical Bias Check, you can avoid AI adversity by proactively detecting bias in your next best action strategies, then adjusting the offending algorithm or business rule accordingly – ensuring a fair and more balanced outcome for everyone.

Make Bias Detection Easy

Creating and running bias tests for every aspect of every strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pega screens the entire engagement strategy at once, across channels – reducing time, effort and oh yeah – errors...

pega ethical bias check makes bias detection easy

Enable Continuous Protection

The risks of AI bias never stops – so neither should your protection. You can include bias testing as a standard course of action when simulating strategy results.

pega ethical bias check includes bias testing

Control Bias With Flexibility

With Ethical Bias Check, you configure thresholds for reporting, notifications, and alerts. You can widen or narrow the conditions as needed to ensure every aspect of your strategy has been fine-tuned for performance and fairness. 

pega ethical bias check that runs bias tests

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Ethical Bias Check tool make detecting bias easy?

A: Pega Ethical Bias Check ensures there’s no unintentional bias hiding in your next-best-action strategies – whether in your models or your business logic.

Users simply define fields with potential for bias – like age, ethnicity, gender, or income – then simulate the strategies that use them to ensure they’re not skewed unfairly toward or away from specific groups. Pega Ethical Bias Check lets you screen your entire engagement strategy at once, across channels – reducing time, effort, and errors.

Q: How will an organization be notified when bias is found?

A: Clients receive alerts with detailed reporting when the bias risk reaches unacceptable levels – like if the audience for a particular offer skews towards or away from specific demographics. Operations teams can then pinpoint the offending algorithm and adjust the strategy to ensure a more balanced and ethical outcome for everyone.

Q: Who is Ethical Bias Check for?

A: Any organization using Pega Customer Decision Hub that wants to make sure that their AI algorithms are as transparent as possible.

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