Can customer empathy and AI coexist?

Sad but true: Consumers today lack faith in artificial intelligence (AI). Find out why and learn how you can start building trust with empathy and transparency.

AI is all around us, seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. So why do consumers still distrust it?

Maybe it stems from science fiction’s depiction of malevolent robots overtaking humanity. Or maybe it’s a symptom of customers losing faith in companies and their technology overall. To get to the bottom of this, Pega surveyed 5,000 consumers from North America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and France about their views on empathy and AI. Download our report to learn why:

  • Customers believe businesses don’t have their best interests at heart
  • Less than half of respondents believe AI can improve customer experience
  • Human interaction is still preferred over AI

Get our report and discover how you can combine AI with human ethics for better engagement.

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