Order Management System

Engage your customers with a seamless order management system.

Communications service providers need a sophisticated order management system to stay competitive in today's quickly evolving business landscape. Delivering new products, services and multi-play bundles over multiple channels has created incredible complexity in the ordering process. A legacy order management software system or a traditional customer support platform can't connect the various systems and channels needed to support a complex ordering process. The result is frequent problems and inaccurate orders that require manual intervention, as well as customer fallout due to an inconsistent and impersonal ordering experience.

Pega is different. Integrating every channel and unifying all existing systems, our system coordinates the entire process from offer through order and fulfillment to provide customers with an exceptional order experience.


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Pega's order management system

Pega creates strategic applications for sales, marketing, service and operations. Our solutions help to streamline enterprise work management and business operations, connect to customers across channels, and accommodate rapidly changing requirements.

Our order management system provides a single solution that delivers a consistent and continuous purchase experience across every channel and every device. With capabilities for designing contextually relevant offers for each customer and straight-through processing to simplify fulfillment, we help you achieve faster time-to-market, remarkable business agility, and efficient ordering experiences that delight customers and differentiate your business.

Built on the unified Pega 7 platform, order processes can be deployed once and then reused across multi-domain product sets and multiple lines of business, processing orders that range from simple mobile offerings to high-tech digital and media content that is bundled in complex multi-play offerings.

With an order management system from Pega you can:

  • Customize the purchasing experience for each customer to increase acceptance rates and drive revenue.
  • Simplify fulfillment of orders using fully automated processes to configure and manage complex dependencies associated with bundled orders.
  • Deliver a seamless cross-channel experience, enabling consumers to start a quote process in one channel and completed in another.
  • Speed time to market for new product and service bundles with Pega's Build for Change® technology for quickly developing and deploying highly automated processes.

Benefits of Pega's order management system.

Our order management system provides significant advantages for communication service providers:

  • improve the efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment with flexible, rules-driven processes that automatically validate product roles to ensure accuracy and dynamically tailor processes to customer service requests.
  • Create a consistent cross-channel ordering experience with a common set of purchase flows that can be deployed across all channels.
  • Deliver personalized and contextual offers based on customer lifetime value, business objectives and risk.

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