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Customer Onboarding Process

Increase revenue with a superior customer onboarding process

The customer onboarding process is an optimal time to strengthen customer relationships and develop new sales opportunities. An exceptional onboarding experience can reinforce customer decisions made during the sales process, open the door to upsell and cross-sell possibilities and eventually increase customer lifetime value.

But developing a superior process is no easy task. Many companies are stuck with fragmented processes and disconnected systems that make customer onboarding complex and expensive, often resulting in dissatisfied clients and potential loss of business.

Pega customer onboarding software can help to automate and streamline the onboarding process to deliver an exceptional client experience, dramatically cut processing time, drive higher revenue and facilitate rapid response to change.


Pega provides an always-on, digital customer brain.

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With products, pricing, regulations, channels, and competition changing at a breakneck pace, it's time to reevaluate how your sales automation system is supporting or slowing down your business.

Pega transforms the customer onboarding process

Pega offers the industry’s most powerful and agile onboarding software. With the ability to streamline new business and account maintenance operations, Pega enables companies to transform the customer onboarding process to increase productivity, drive profitability, take advantage of market opportunities and comply with changing regulations.

Pega’s onboarding system enables enterprises to deliver outstanding customer experiences while closing new business with greater efficiency. Providing easily configured and pre-built components and Know Your Customer (KYC) controls, Pega’s software accelerates implementation of customized and automated onboarding processes across all products, geographies and channels.

With Pega, companies can:

  • Improve the client experience with intelligent processes that dynamically guide relationship managers and client service teams through every step of a customer onboarding process.
  • Increase compliance by automatically applying due diligence procedures with fully integrated KYC requirements.
  • Enhance agility by enabling users to create and modify rules and processes without the need for coding or help from IT.
  • Scale efficiently with legacy system integration and end-to-end automation that eliminates error-prone manual work.

Comprehensive capabilities for the customer onboarding process

Pega onboarding software offers powerful functionality and easy-to-use tools to streamline and improve customer onboarding. These include:

  • Pre-defined processes to reduce data capture time by pre-populating application forms.
  • End-to-end work automation that streamlines account setup, contract management, correspondence generation and user provisioning.
  • Intelligent processes to qualify a client once for multiple products.
  • Dynamic rules based on the client profile to automatically drive due diligence and documentation verification, reducing onboarding time.
  • In-depth dashboards and reporting to provide visibility into all task and activities.
  • Pre-built new business components to automate execution of sequential or parallel tasks.
  • Omni-channel service that seamlessly transitions activities across channels and devices.

Learn more about managing the customer onboarding process with Pega, and about Pega solutions for customer experience management.