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Pega for Manufacturing & High-Tech

Optimize operations and deliver spectacular service.

Develop New Revenue Streams
Support your partners and customers

From on-shelf to online, you’ll find chances to grow your revenue at every point of the product lifecycle. If you’re not delivering, you could be losing out to the competition.

Of course, your customers’ and partners’ needs are always changing – and that’s where Pega can help. Give partners the real-time guidance they need to provide flawless service and make the right offer at the right time. Understand customers’ usage behaviors, evolving business needs, and event triggers to proactively map out the right products to grow your relationships. Billing issues or service troubles? No problem. Easily put customers in touch with the people and systems that can help.

That’s how you turn obstacles into opportunities – and get ahead of competitors.


Transform your manufacturing operations

Digital transformation is hard. Learn what you’ll need to get to true digital transformation, and how Pega can help.

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Nissha: Transforming business

Nissha chose Pega Sales Automation because of its flexibility, scalability, and ability to be fully deployed in 12 weeks.

Generate Quota-Busting Sales Execution
Sell-to or sell-through? You need the right tools.

There’s a good chance your sales-tech isn’t measuring up. According to a Pega survey, 57 percent of organizations admit their sales tools don’t have the ability to suggest specific products or services that are the right fit for their customers. Instead, sellers use disparate tools to configure product bundles, build pricing, and generate quotes. Time spent on manual processes is time that isn't spent prospecting, selling, or closing.

To guide your reps to the right products and actions, you need real insights into your customers’ unique buying histories and inventories. You need to evolve your system from something reps put information into to something they get knowledge out of.

Pega intelligently guides your sales reps, recommends the next best action to take, and automates and streamlines the processes they need. By empowering your sellers with contextual insights, you can build the right solutions and ramp up your revenue.

Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Service
Exceed expectations every time

Maintaining relationships with partners shouldn’t be torture. They should love you today, tomorrow, and next year, all while evangelizing your products and services.

All of that starts with fast, seamless customer service. If a partner contacts you with a problem, you can solve it. Immediately. Even better, anticipate the issue and arm your team with the tools to solve problems before they happen.

Pega’s next-generation customer service lets you engage across any channel, continuing seamlessly through any other. We go beyond a 360-degree view to give you customer service powered by proven AI technology and smart automation, instantly delivering relevant insights and guided interactions right when you need them. The industry’s only unified automation engine, with built-in robotics, streamlines and simplifies every interaction. So relationships get stronger, outcomes get better, and problem-solving gets more efficient – every single time.

Cisco: World class customer service

With Pega’s intent driven user interface, Cisco provides a frictionless customer experience.

Putting customers in the driver’s seat

Armed with Pega Mobility, Safelite Autoglass places customers at the center of every interaction.

Streamline Field Service
Field service for a connected world

Every time you roll a truck, it costs money. Dispatch field techs at the wrong times, or without the information and tools they need to get things done efficiently, and it’s a lose-lose situation for you and your customers. But if your techs can not only get the job done right, but make smart, proactive offers while they’re at it, you’re suddenly looking at a potential win-win.

Pega is engineered to automate and connect across silos, finally connecting your field service teams to your front-end channels to your back-office operations. We built our unified automation platform with AI-powered robotics, BPM, and case management, all designed to work for your customers and your service teams. You get a flexible, mobile field service app that even works offline. And everyone gets the results they want – quickly and easily.

Digital Prescriptive Maintenance
Fix it before it breaks

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t going to deliver value on its own. And simply capturing massive amounts of data won’t unlock new opportunities. The real value lies in taking the right actions that deliver results. Predict potential breakage and fix it before it impacts the customer or your bottom line. Respond instantly when things go wrong and give your customer a call, or dispatch a field team with the skills, tools, and insights to fix things fast.

Pega gives you an AI-powered decision hub so you can turn your IoT data collection investments into real insights. Prescriptive maintenance taps the power of IoT, and dynamic case management, to help devices become proactive participants in their own maintenance. End-to-end automation delivers the “process of everything,” orchestrating the actions that drive maintenance costs down and customer satisfaction sky high. That’s how you turn the IoT into a value stream.

Digital prescriptive maintenance


Digital prescriptive maintenance: turn insights into action

Reduce downtime and cost, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Dell EMC: Using decisioning to power transformation at work

Dell EMC improves customer service with intelligent routing and decisioning.

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Achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence
Automation that gets work done. Period.

321 percent ROI in less than 12 months. 75 percent cost savings. 75 percent productivity improvements. These are transformational outcomes – but deploying a few robots won’t get you there. Yes, bots are cool, but you need one unified automation engine.

Pega’s business process management empowers you to orchestrate people and systems. Deploy automation to take repetitive work out of your operation, and use case management to oversee it all from end to end. Define service-level agreements, route work, and apply rules and advanced intelligence. Fly past the 20 percent improvement companies see from robotics alone.

Pega’s capabilities are unified on one platform. No duct tape. No wiring disparate pieces together. After all, you think about outcomes from end to end. You need technology that can get work done that way, too.

Optimize operations and deliver spectacular service

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