Communications Service Providers

In the highly saturated communications services market, communications service providers are locked in a battle to keep their own customers and lure away competitor’s customers. The competition has grown intense as customers become more willing to break existing contracts, with some providers going so far as to offer to pay off the early termination fees of subscribers who jump ship from a competitor. To thrive in this environment, communications service providers must deliver exceptional, personalized customer service, across multiple channels including call center, Web, and mobile. Success in this competition for hearts and minds also requires the ability to continually innovate with new products, services, and campaigns.


Agile Telco Transformation

Agility is the new competitive differentiator for CSPs selling enterprise ICT business. Is your company agile enough to meet the needs of your most demanding customers?


CRM Evolved

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Leading Communications Service Providers Choose Pega

Many of the leaders in today’s communications services marketplace have something in common: they use Pega to power their customer retention and churn management strategies. Pega delivers a unified technology platform for developing and running efficient business processes and individualized customer service. With the Pega platform driving their back- and front-office processes, communications service providers benefit from key Pega capabilities including:

  • Workflow automation. Orchestrates all the people, systems, and data involved in a business process. Features include rules-based work routing, queue management, and escalation, along with automated notifications and correspondence generation.
  • Case management. Provides a complete view of a customer case across all departments, systems, and channels, together with drill-down capabilities to see how sub-processes are impacting case status.
  • Real-time analytics and decisioning. Pairs predictive and adaptive analytics with a rules-based automated decisioning engine to determine the Next-Best-Action to take in each customer interaction.
  • Application development driven by business users. Empowers business users to create process models, business rules, and executable applications without any coding.

On this agile business process management (BPM) platform Pega offers solution frameworks purpose-built to meet the needs of communications service providers, including:

  • Next-Best-Action Marketing
  • Customer Service for Communications
  • Order Management for B2C or B2B

Communications Service Providers’ Successes with Pega

Leading communications service providers choose Pega to help them operate more efficiently and deliver superior customer service. Here are just a few examples:

  • Telstra used Pega to implement their new telecom order management system that reduced order-to-activation cycle time by 70%.
  • Verizon leverages Pega’s predictive analytics capabilities to better anticipate and meet each customer’s unique needs.
  • Vodafone Germany used Pega to streamline and automate their order management and order fulfillment processes, resulting in reduced costs, faster delivery times, and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Comcast capitalizes on Pega’s marketing analytics to provide their customers with highly relevant cross-sell, up-sell, and retention offers across all service channels.

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